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Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption Securely.


Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption Securely.

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption Securely.

Delivering Innovation. Automation. Transformation.

As a Premier AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner, we know your challenges. What’s more, we know the solutions. When security and compliance are at their strictest, we’re at our best. Delivering innovation, automation, and transformation for the world of regulated markets and more.


Product Features


  • Integrated suite of DevOps applications designed and tested to accelerate the application life cycle and cloud migration.

REAN Sites

  • Go from zero to launch in 15 minutes. 
  • Our proven system employs Drupal technology, and provides elasticity through AWS. 
  • We also offer high security at no extra cost with storage choices for backup, archiving, and disaster recover. 
  • We can help you dramatically scale up the content while also reducing load on your web servers by leveraging Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront to durable store and deliver content across the globe.

REAN OpenLearning

  • Build and launch customized Online Education platforms quickly and cost-effectively. 
  • Our platform is based on edX and is used by universities throughout the world to develop innovative teaching and learning models. REAN Open Learning delivers increased reach, customized learning, an interactive platform, and easy enrollment for easy student on-boarding.


  • REAN Cloud’s Secure Exchange gives you everything you need to run a highly-scalable, fully secure Microsoft Exchange solution in the cloud. 
  • With it, you get data protection, migration support, advanced security, continuous backup and more. 
  • All built on AWS.

REAN Insights

  • Find clarity and scalability with REAN Insights. 
  • Put terabytes of data to work for your organization through proprietary insights architecture. 
  • Distill data and enjoy powerful insights through enterprise analytics, integrated intelligence, influencer marketing, and data-driven impact campaigns.

REAN Genomics

  • The expanding scale of genomics research creates massive analytical challenges for research enterprises. 
  • Overcome these challenges with a private, secure platform built on AWS. 
  • Analyze and manage massive amounts of data with innovative data management that enables quick transfer of NGS data, low-cost and customized computation, and DevOps services.

REAN Compliance

  • Leverage the built-in security offered by REAN Secure Virtual Private Cloud (S-VPC) in the AWS GovCloud Region and all other AWS worldwide Regions to process, maintain, and store sensitive information. 
  • Our security controls include encryption in transit and at rest, defense in depth, continuous monitoring, high availability and fault-tolerance, and backup and disaster recovery. 
  • It’s perfect for organizations that must adhere to HIPAA, FedRamp/FISMA, PCI, SOC and BAA standards.


Product Benefits

REAN Test Drives

  • REAN Cloud is the exclusive AWS Test Drive partner providing white-glove service to ISVs with architecture guidance, implementation services and CloudFormation templates. 

REAN Managed Services

  • Easily deploy and manage applications in Amazon Cloud with REAN Cloud Managed Services. 
  • From Change Management to Deployment Orchestration, REAN Cloud is the one-stop management platform for AWS customers. 

REAN Managed Solutions

  • Safe and seamless come standard with our portfolio of turnkey solutions. 
  • See how we help empower innovation without compromising productivity, security, or your budget.

REAN Consulting Services

  • Take advantage of REAN's strategic insight along with management and technical consulting.