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Comstor Services

Your customers' daily operations depend on 24/7 networking solutions. Strategic solutions include contingency plans to ensure your customers' networks remain reliable, secure and available.

Smart Net Total Care

Smart Net Total Care is an award-winning technical support service that offers anytime access to Cisco's Technical Assistance Center, hardware replacement, operating system (OS) updates and an extensive range of online resources. It's truly the backbone of a reliable and secure network.


In order to ensure that your customers are always covered by Smart Net Total Care, Comstor offers partners two top tools: Click and OpportunityFinder.

Comstor Click

Click is an easy-to-use, on-demand application. Click offers state-of-the-art automation that creates and distributes quotes for all expiring Smart Net Total Care coverage opportunities. Click eliminates the need for hands-on quote creation and delivery for an unlimited number of renewal opportunities.


OpportunityFinder enables you to compile the most accurate blueprint of a customer's network that the industry can produce. With OpportunityFinder you can effectively analyze service coverage, easily identify assets in need of replacement, and quickly provide a clear migration path.

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