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Enabling Power Without Limits

Gridless Power designs and manufactures smart power systems that are reshaping the industry. The makers of battery-powered generator alternatives, Gridless delivers power in the most extreme situations, from natural disasters, to off-shore oil rigs, to other off-grid scenarios. The company deployed its first mobile battery system to power search-and-rescue operations during Hurricane Sandy. Today Gridless provides portable, on-demand power for major corporate and government customers.


Why Partner with Gridless Power and Westcon UCC?

Gridless has won numerous awards highlighting its commitment to clean energy. The Gridless CORE battery system charges off a solar panel and can replace generators for clean, renewable, reliable power. The Westcon-Gridless partnership allows you to deploy Gridless Power anywhere in the world.

Deliver reliable, portable power when and where it’s needed most.  Contact us today to learn more.