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Imperva Product Promotions

Enjoy healthy margins by adding Imperva product lines to your data security portfolio. Check our business-building offers, available exclusively to Westcon Security resellers.

DEATH to DDOS Partner Promotion


Detect an Approved BANT Qualified Deal Registration for an Imperva Incapsula opportunity with a customer to be eligible for a $50 Gift Card. Double the cash to $100 for New Customers that have never purchased Imperva!



Help your customers protect their organizations’ applications and data by successfully closing your Approved Deal Registration. You will be eligible to receive a $250 Gift Card. Double the cash to $500 for New Customers that have never purchased Imperva!



Protecting customers from DDoS attacks is hard work. Collect on your efforts with a chance to earn our Grand Prize. The Partner representative with highest closed/won bookings will win a $2,000 Gift card!  Work with your Westcon team to close the most Imperva Incapsula revenue during the promotion period.


Program Timing

Deal registration promotion runs from September 1 through Dec 15, 2017; All opportunities must Close by December 30, 2017 to be eligible for the Grand Prize.


Eligibility Requirements

Deal registration promotion only eligible for B.A.N.T. (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) qualified opportunities and accepted by Imperva sales.

  • Limited to Imperva Incapsula Products for Net New Opportunities
    • Existing Incapsula Customer Expansions and Renewals not eligible
    • New customer defined as one that has never previously purchased any Imperva products
  • Net New Logos = Customer Accounts that have not purchased previously from Imperva
  • Open to partner reps committed to learning
    • Completed online P101 sales training (or P102 – Incapsula only module)
  • Minimum Deal Size $6,000
  • Program participants must be eligible employees of registered Imperva partners at time of payout
  • Partner must be a registered Imperva Partner in good standing during promotion period.


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