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Ease Management Burdens for Distributed Networks

With Infoblox core network services, you can achieve unprecedented network control by consolidating essential services such as DNS, DHCP and IP address management into a single, tightly integrated platform, managed through a common console.

Infoblox Core Network Services Products


Enable your customer’s digital business


Private Cloud/Virtualization

Manage distributed virtual and cloud workloads


Public/Hybrid Cloud

Maximize the value of cloud deployments


Reporting and Analytics

Monitor, analyze and secure networks


Network Insight

Boost efficiency with a unified view of network assets


DNS Traffic Control

Enhance application availability and response times


IPAM for Microsoft

Manage core network services from one platform


ActiveTrust® Cloud

Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud provides visibility into infected and compromised devices on or off the premises, prevents DNS-based data exfiltration, and automatically stops device communications with C&Cs/botnets. Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud provides these benefits with automated, high-quality threat intelligence feeds and unique behavioral analytics. Delivered as a service, it is easy to use, deploy, and maintain without dedicated IT resources. It provides rapid time to value and enables unified policy management, analytics, and reporting for on-premises/cloud hybrid deployments. It protects users everywhere—on the enterprise network, roaming, or in remote office/branch offices.

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Infoblox Solutions

With Infoblox, you can deploy the blazing-fast, high-availability, agile network your customers have always wanted. That opens a world of new opportunities for your business. Provide the network services your global customers demand with Infoblox solutions for key market segments.

Infoblox Solutions by Initiative

  • Next-Generation Data Center – gain true data center agility
  • Network Security – protect your customer’s infrastructure and data
  • IT Compliance – ensure compliance with automation and intelligence
  • Digital Economy – ready the network for e-business


Infoblox Solutions by Technology

  • Infoblox and Microsoft – maximize investments in Microsoft technology
  • IPv6 Readiness – unlock the power of tomorrow’s networks today
  • Cybersecurity Ecosystem – integrate your customer’s diverse security infrastructure


Infoblox Solutions by Industry

  • Service Providers – get a more customer-focused network
  • Government – meet rigorous availability and security requirements
  • Enterprises – make the network a valuable business asset