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Supports, meilleures pratiques et ressources pour optimiser l’expérience de travail à domicile.

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Seven tips to help your customers adapt to the remote workplace

Our Comstor team look at what the office of the future means for your customers.

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Zero Trust Access: building resiliency in a remote world

Geert Busse, NGS Business Lead, EMEA, talks through the four essential requirements for modern Zero Trust Access.

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Seven ways to keep connected with customers and colleagues

See how our sales teams have stayed productive, positive and motivated during the pandemic.

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How secure is your remote workforce?

Find out why enterprises must now execute smarter security strategies to ensure their businesses, workers and data stay secure.

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Don’t get hooked

Scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic by targeting people with phishing emails. See how to spot and stop them in our handy infographic.

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Your home, your family, your safety

Follow these 10 simple tips to keep you and your cohabitants safe and healthy while working from home.

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Keeping teams motivated

How do you help your employees transition to remote working as well as keeping them happy and engaged? We share what we’ve learned.

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Cyber homework for the home worker

Ten simple tips for employees to help set up a secure home network and safeguard against targeted attacks.

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Seven tips for securing home workers

Cyber criminals are increasingly trying to exploit vulnerabilities. Find out how to secure your remote-working teams.

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Five tricks and tips to improve remote working

Top technology and productivity tips to help your teams stay happy, healthy and engaged.

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How to work from home: tips for teams

Easy-to-action advice for supercharging productivity when working from home

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How to work from home: tips for managers

Simple steps to keep your teams motivated and engaged when working for home

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Regardez notre vidéo

Découvrez comment les employés et les managers peuvent tirer le meilleur parti du travail à domicile.

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Promotions Westcon

Offres et promotions incontournables de nos fournisseurs pour le travail à distance 

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Promotions Comstor

Voir les dernières solutions de Cisco, proposées en réponse à l’épidémie. 

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Services virtuels

Services à distance et apprentissage virtuel pour garder les activités opérationnelles et les employés productifs.

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Innovative technology boosts telehealth and remote healthcare services

As part of our Stay Connected, Stay Productive campaign, we have created three Healthcare Kits specific to different areas of the sector, to help partners support their customers as they remotely care for patients. 

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Comstor Education Kits graduate with honours

Comstor Education Kits graduate with honours

In response to the need for safe and secure online teaching for universities and colleges, we have created a dedicated Higher Education Kit of integrated Cisco solutions.

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Back to school: Comstor gives a lesson in learning

Our Comstor team have launched a series of dedicated Education Kits to enable, simplify and optimise the new ways of learning.

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Five reasons why events will be hybrid by design

Virtual events are a prime example of the innovation and creativity that have come out the COVID-19 crisis, and a hybrid style will be a long-term solution that unites event purists and innovators alike.

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Cyberattack brings COVID-19 testing lab to a halt

Read how our support services team provided immediate support to ensure the network was back online and secured as soon as possible.

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Why Westcon is leading with award-winning services

Our learning, support and professional services are one of the reasons why we won Palo Alto Networks’ Global, EMEA and JAPAC Distribution Partner of the Year awards for 2020. Read two partner success stories to find out more.

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Struggling for project resource?

Simon Thompson, SVP Global Customers, explains how working with vendors to predict future skills gaps means we can help our partners stay ‘skills ready’ and drive customer success – without breaking the bank.

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Five trends driving the evolution of education services

Matt Piddington, Director, Services, looks at the five key trends driving education services in 2020 and the learning strategies partners need to drive adoption and customer success.

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Services reimagined: expand business opportunities and reduce costs

We’ve streamlined our portfolio to focus on the services partners need. Simon Thompson, SVP Global Customers, explains what this means for partners.

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How to fill the growing skills gap

With critical shortages in the IT industry, especially in cybersecurity, one way to help produce people with the right skills is apprenticeships, says Matt Piddington.

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Supporting the channel – small business focus

At a time when many partners are struggling to address the problems faced by their customers, we’re using a number of new Cisco initiatives to support them.

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Imagine re-imagined: how to run a successful virtual event

See how our New Zealand team made its annual Imagine showcase virtual. 

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Make home working work better

Now’s the time to assess, optimise and upgrade your IT with a remote-working assessment.

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Learning in the lockdown

How can online learning help IT professionals gain highly sought-after skills while the pandemic enforces remote working?

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How we delivered a masterclass in rapid home-working deployment

Howard Hines explains how we moved at speed to enable over 2,000 people to work from home in a matter of days.

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Why virtual training is in a class of its own

Organisations are now looking for a substitute to classroom training. Can virtual training deliver the same results?

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Free remote working assessment

Are your customers’ remote working capabilities fully operational and optimised? We can remotely assess current capabilities, capacity, security and maturity, measure them against business requirements, and recommend improvements.

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Professional services extend home-working capabilities

We use our expertise to help businesses implement, fine tune and extend remote-working capabilities.

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Flexible learning solutions for teams working from home

Live, instructor-led training from certified experts, in your home. Get certified in the latest remote working technologies and solutions.

Virtual training

The future of work

Insights and advice to equip teams for the new way of working.

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Cybersecurity in 2021: New threats need new solutions

Daniel Hurel, Westcon Vice President Westcon EMEA – Cyber Security & Next Generation Solutions, outlines six trends and high-growth markets transforming security in 2021.

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Data technology illustration. Abstract futuristic background. Wave with connecting dots and lines on dark background. Wave of particles.

How to build a resilient and agile supply chain

Kevin Brzezinski, SVP Operations, looks at three ways supply-chain leaders can increase resilience and agility.

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How solutions lifecycle management is driving customer success

The shift towards cloud solutions and XaaS was already disrupting the way the channel does business and has been propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic as companies adapt to the new business landscape.

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Channel trends 2021: what’s driving transformation in distribution?

Whatever the outcome of developments to combat COVID-19, there can be no doubt that we will see increased remote working as a matter of policy in the enterprise, and personal choice by many individuals. 

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The security opportunity – infographic

In 2021, security is set to offer the channel an enormous opportunity, so we’ve added some of the most useful and interesting statistics and figures to our latest handy infographic.

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2021 is set to be a year of incredible opportunity for cybersecurity

Rapid scaling of home working and the related requirements for cloud distribution have made security investment one of the prevailing channel trends for 2021 and beyond.

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People still matter: Rethinking work life after COVID-19

Donna Bain, SVP Human Resources, looks at the impact of the coronavirus on HR and the new normal of work.

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Staying secure in insecure times

We take a look at the top trends in cyber security and the challenges and opportunities they pose for the channel.

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The channel of the future is agile and resilient

We look at how change is faster and more unpredictable than ever, and how this impacts every organisation. 

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Fondo abstracto de ciencia y tecnología.Maya o red y patrón de lineas.

The cloud is set to explode in 2021 – infographic

We’ve dug into the best research available to uncover the key numbers you need to know about the accelerating cloud market in 2021. 

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The cloud revolution: Six numbers channel partners need to know

Some key statistics from our eBook to highlight the cloud revolution.

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Fondo abstracto de la tecnología y la ciencia.  Malla o red con líneas y detalles de formas geométricas.

Cloud-first future for infrastructure, apps and business

With cloud adoption expected to soar over the next 12 months, we look at the cloud trends that will impact the channel in 2021.

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5G, data and automation – what’s powering digital transformation in 2021?

The role of IT is more important than ever, so we take a look at the tech trends driving digital transformation and the opportunities for the channel in 2021.

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The future of work is hybrid by design

Businesses are now recognising the benefits of a hybrid-working model, and our servies and solutions can help partners and end users with the transition.

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Fondo abstracto de ciencia y tecnología.Maya o red y patrón de lineas.

The hybrid business of the future: Six essential statistics infographic

See some important facts and figures for some of the changes predicted for 2021 working.

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The key channel trends every technology partner needs to know in 2021

The unparalleled changes of the last twelve months have driven the thinking behind our new eBook: 7 trends set to transform the IT channel in 2021.

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Beyond the sale: how COVID-19 has brought solution lifecycle management into sharp focus

Find out how cloud and SaaS are transforming how businesses engage with and retain customers and manage their supply chains.

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Re-imagining virtual events

When you rethink virtual events as more than just a replacement for physical events, you can unlock new levels of engagement, interaction and insight.

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How SD-WAN is proving itself during the pandemic

COVID-19 is the epitome of a use case for SD-WAN. See how it's proving itself during the pandemic.

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Planning for the new way of working

With the likelihood of more employees wanting to continue to work from home, we look at how to optimise infrastructure and capabilities. 

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The supply chain of the future is green, agile and digital-first

A data-driven, digital-first approach will build more resilient and sustainable supply-chain operations.

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Keeping up customer engagement in a lockdown

With the lockdown putting a stop to face-to-face meetings, our sales teams have turned to online meetings and engaging content to maintain customer relationships.

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Supply chain in the lockdown: lessons learned and new opportunities

How this pandemic must change the way we work with channel partners in the future.

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The future of remote working webinar

Get a concise overview of the steps required to adapt a business from where we are now to where we need to be in a few months' time.

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Managing a supply chain successfully though a pandemic

Supply-chain operations have always been the backbone of our business, but our operations teams have come to the forefront recently by keeping goods flowing.

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How remanufactured equipment is keeping the supply chain flowing

With the lockdown disrupting the technology supply chain and impacting availability and delivery, could circular technology be the solution?

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Comment nous soutenons notre communauté et assurons la sécurité, la sûreté et la motivation de nos employés au travail.



To mark International Women's Day, we asked people across the business to share their experiences of working in IT and how Westcon-Comstor is challenging gender inequality.

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Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day, our UK HR Manager talks about support for mental health in the business.

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Return to the office

Our teams are preparing to return to the offices safely.

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Work-life balance bingo

Challenge yourself to tick off one horizontal or vertical line each day.

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Building human relationships

Mohamed Elshafie talks about the importance of the human side of customer relationships.

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We're here to help

Enrico Jost talks about adapting to home working, and how everyone at Westcon-Comstor is here to help.

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Our children’s activity book

Here’s an activity book to keep your little ones entertained. 
Created by parents, for parents, to make working from home more fun for your children.

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Logistics teams go the extra mile

A big shout out to our amazing logistics centre teams in the UK and Netherlands! Thank you for all your hard work helping customers.

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Staying safe, supporting local

We continue to work with Ben's Business Services to bring our Dutch warehouse staff into work safely when public transport is reduced.

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Deep Easter clean keeps staff safe

Deep clean activities continue over the Easter weekend in our logistics centres in the UK and the Netherlands. All measures are in place to make it safe for our staff to come into work.

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