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Tools and Resources

Tools and resources to maintain your competitive edge

Foundational Elements of Recurring Revenue Sales Plans

Learn the six major reasons why so many cloud technology and recurring revenue services plans fail. And how to avoid them. This white paper outlines the critical information you need to build a sustainable recurring revenue sales plans.



Accelerating Your Cloud Business

To accelerate your cloud solutions business, there are several things to consider and plan for. This booklet will provide you with recommendations on what to address – including the five key questions you’ll need to tackle – prior to beginning that cloud migration.



Migrating a Business to the Cloud

This document highlights items that both cloud resellers and end customers need to review and assess prior to planning a cloud migration.



Westcon-Comstor Cloud in the Channel Report

Download the "Cloud in the Channel" report now to learn more about technology trends in distribution and the cloud:

  • Cloud resellers have significantly greater revenue increases than those not selling cloud solutions
  • End customers seek cloud solutions, not just point products
  • Distributors can help cloud services resellers address technical and business challenges on the digital transformation journey


Cloud and Your Business

This booklet is designed to help those who are new to cloud computing services gain a basic understanding of the types of cloud, what to consider before transitioning, common myths and terminology.



Top 10 Cloud Backup Questions

Regardless of customer size, there are 10 key questions you need to ask to ensure a successful cloud backup or BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) cloud implementation.



Cloud Security Checklist

Know the right questions to either ask – or be prepared to answer – as it relates to cloud security and your customers’ digital transformation.



Cloud Security Primer

A primer for building and scaling a profitable cloud security business.



Cloud Security Reseller Playbook

This Westcon-Comstor playbook enables cloud-focused partners to grow their security business.