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New Sales Model

Achieve cloud growth with a winning sales model

Westcon-Comstor commissioned Doug Davidoff, Founder and CEO of Imagine Resource Development, to create this four-part series on how you can build and deploy a successful cloud marketing and sales model. Achieve cloud success with Westcon-Comstor and our partner Imagine Resource Development.

Part 1 – Solving the Lead Problem

Most companies don’t have a lead generation problem; they have a lead management problem. Learn how to succeed while most companies’ efforts focus on only 5 percent of the market opportunity.

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Part 2 – Aligning Sales and Marketing

Learn how to bridge the chasm between marketing and sales by understanding the customer journey. Today’s fastest growing businesses have discarded the old marketing/sales funnel model in favor of a new, better approach.

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Part 3 – The New Sales Strategy

The engine of sales growth requires a new approach. Successful companies start with understanding what’s holding them back within their current marketing and sales process. Hint: The old adage “always be selling” has given way to “always be helping.”

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Part 4 – Specialize to Increase Sales Velocity

Learn how specializing and aligning your sales professionals to focus on today’s customers will give you greater sales velocity and ultimate business success. 

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