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Comunicato relativo al COVID-19

Comunicato relativo al COVID-19

Contatta I nostri esperti

Contatta I nostri esperti

Il nostro portale self-service 24/7

Il nostro portale self-service 24/7

I nostri servizi da remoto

I nostri servizi da remoto

Soluzioni per il lavoro da casa

Supporto pratico, consigli e risorse per ottimizzare il lavoro da casa.


Keeping up customer engagement in a lockdown

See how our sales teams have turned to online meetings, engaging content and other creative ideas to maintain close customer relationships, keep orders flowing and manage essential sales functions.

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The future of remote working webinar

Get a concise overview of the steps required to adapt a business from where we are now to where we need to be in a few months' time.

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The future of work – how secure is your remote workforce?

Find out why enterprises must now execute smarter security strategies to ensure their businesses, workers and data stay secure.

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Don't get hooked

Scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic by targeting people with phishing emails. See how to spot and stop them in our handy infographic.

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Your home, your family, your safety

Follow these 10 simple tips to keep you and your cohabitants safe and healthy while working from home.

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Keeping teams motivated

How do you help your employees transition to remote working as well as keeping them happy and engaged? We share what we’ve learned.

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Cyber homework for the home worker

Ten simple tips for employees to help set up a secure home network and safeguard against targeted attacks.

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Seven tips for securing home workers

Cyber criminals are increasingly trying to exploit vulnerabilities. Find out how to secure your remote-working teams.

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Five tricks and tips to improve remote working

Top technology and productivity tips to help your teams stay happy, healthy and engaged.

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How to work from home: tips for teams

Easy-to-action advice for supercharging productivity when working from home

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How to work from home: tips for managers

Simple steps to keep your teams motivated and engaged when working for home

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Guarda il nostro canale video

Scopri come ottenere il meglio lavorando da casa

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Le promo Westcon

Offerte imperdibili e promozioni per il lavoro da remoto da parte dei nostri vendor.

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Servizi virtuali

Servizi da remote e insegnamento virtuale per restare operativi e produttivi.


Imagine re-imagined: how to run a successful virtual event

See how our New Zealand team made its annual Imagine showcase virtual. 

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Make home working work better

Now's the time to assess, optimise and upgrade your IT with a remote-working assessment.

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Learning in the lockdown

How can online learning help IT professionals gain highly sought-after skills while the pandemic enforces remote working?

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How we delivered a masterclass in rapid home-working deployment

Howard Hines explains how we moved at speed to enable over 2,000 people to work from home in a matter of days.

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Why virtual training is in a class of its own

Organisations are now looking for a substitute to classroom training. Can virtual training deliver the same results?

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Free remote working assessment

Are your customers’ remote working capabilities fully operational and optimised? We can remotely assess current capabilities, capacity, security and maturity, measure them against business requirements, and recommend improvements.

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Professional services extend home-working capabilities

We use our expertise to help businesses implement, fine tune and extend remote-working capabilities.

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Flexible learning solutions for teams working from home

Live, instructor-led training from certified experts, in your home. Get certified in the latest remote working technologies and solutions.

Virtual training

La nostra azienda

Come supportiamo il nostro team, restando al sicuro e motivati al lavoro.


Our children’s activity book

Here's an activity book to keep your little ones entertained. 
Created by parents, for parents, to make working from home more fun for your children.

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Logistics teams go the extra mile

A big shout out to our amazing logistics centre teams in the UK and Netherlands! Thank you for all your hard work helping customers.

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Staying safe, supporting local

We continue to work with Ben's Business Services to bring our Dutch warehouse staff into work safely when public transport is reduced.

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Deep Easter clean keeps staff safe

Deep clean activities continue over the Easter weekend in our logistics centres in the UK and the Netherlands. All measures are in place to make it safe for our staff to come into work.

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Portali dei vendor

Le giuste soluzioni rendono la collaborazione online sicura e più facile. Esplora gli ultimi strumenti, risorse e consigli dei nostri vendor