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  • Microsoft Skills to Help You Grow

    To enhance your team’s skills, we provide a vast array of tools that help your selling motion and a roadmap to training courses that help you become Microsoft certified, so you sell more cloud computing services.

    Look below for resources to accelerate your cloud computing business or how to create a recurring revenue sales plan, while the Modern Microsoft Partner Series outlines how to find and win more cloud business.

    We also offer Westcon-Comstor/Microsoft briefing programs to accelerate your route to market and give you a competitive edge.


    Developing Your Cloud Business


    Microsoft Playbooks


    Microsoft Training & Certifications


    Accelerating Your Cloud Business

    Cloud And Your Business

    Foundational Elements of a Recurring Revenue Sales Plan

    Migrating a Business to the Cloud

    The Modern Microsoft Partner Series Part 1 - The Booming Cloud Opportunity

    The Modern Microsoft Partner Series Part 2 - Differentiate to Stand Out

    The Modern Microsoft Partner Series Part 3 - Modernizing Sales and Marketing

    The Modern Microsoft Partner Series Part 4 - Optimize Your Operations

    The Modern Microsoft Partner Series Part 5 - Deliver Customer Lifetime Value


    Microsoft Azure Financial Model

    Microsoft Cloud Application Development Playbook

    Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure & Management Playbook

    Microsoft Combined Solutions Financial Model

    Microsoft CRM Online Financial Model

    Microsoft Customer Lifetime Value Model

    Microsoft Data Platform & Analytics Playbook

    Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Model

    Microsoft Enterprize Mobility & Security Playbook


    Microsoft CSP Core Training and Certifications

    Office 365 Learning Assets