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Onze COVID-19 verklaring

Onze COVID-19 verklaring

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Neem contact op met onze experts

Onze 24/7 self-service portal

Onze 24/7 self-service portal

Onze remote services

Onze remote services


Praktische ondersteuning, best practices en middelen om de thuiswerkervaring te optimaliseren. Onderstaande blocks zijn in het Engels en verschijnen regelmatig.


7 ways to keep connected with customers and colleagues

See how our sales teams have stayed productive, positive and motivated during the pandemic.

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How secure is your remote workforce?

Find out why enterprises must now execute smarter security strategies to ensure their businesses, workers and data stay secure.

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Don’t get hooked

Scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic by targeting people with phishing emails. See how to spot and stop them in our handy infographic.

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Your home, your family, your safety

Follow these 10 simple tips to keep you and your cohabitants safe and healthy while working from home.

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Keeping teams motivated

How do you help your employees transition to remote working as well as keeping them happy and engaged? We share what we’ve learned.

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Cyber homework for the home worker

Ten simple tips for employees to help set up a secure home network and safeguard against targeted attacks.

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Seven tips for securing home workers

Cyber criminals are increasingly trying to exploit vulnerabilities. Find out how to secure your remote-working teams.

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Five tricks and tips to improve remote working

Top technology and productivity tips to help your teams stay happy, healthy and engaged.

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How to work from home: tips for teams

Easy-to-action advice for supercharging productivity when working from home

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How to work from home: tips for managers

Simple steps to keep your teams motivated and engaged when working for home

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Bekijk ons videokanaal

Zie hoe mensen het meeste uit hun werk thuis kunnen halen.

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Westcon promoties

Onmisbare aanbiedingen en promoties voor werken op afstand van onze leveranciers.

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Comstor promoties

Bekijk de nieuwste oplossingen van Cisco, aangeboden als reactie op de uitbraak.

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Virtuele diensten

Diensten op afstand en virtueel leren om bedrijven en mensen productief te houden. Onderstaande blocks zijn in het Engels en verschijnen regelmatig.


Supporting the channel - small business focus

At a time when many partners are struggling to address the problems faced by their customers, we’re using a number of new Cisco initiatives to support them.

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Imagine re-imagined: how to run a successful virtual event

See how our New Zealand team made its annual Imagine showcase virtual. 

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Make home working work better

Now’s the time to assess, optimise and upgrade your IT with a remote-working assessment.

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Learning in the lockdown

How can online learning help IT professionals gain highly sought-after skills while the pandemic enforces remote working?

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How we delivered a masterclass in rapid home-working deployment

Howard Hines explains how we moved at speed to enable over 2,000 people to work from home in a matter of days.

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Why virtual training is in a class of its own

Organisations are now looking for a substitute to classroom training. Can virtual training deliver the same results?

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Gratis beoordeling van werken op afstand

Zijn de mogelijkheden van uw klanten om op afstand te werken volledig operationeel en geoptimaliseerd? Wij kunnen de huidige mogelijkheden, capaciteit, veiligheid en volwassenheid op afstand beoordelen, deze meten aan de hand van de bedrijfsbehoeften en verbeteringen aanbevelen.

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Professionele diensten breiden de mogelijkheden voor thuiswerk uit

We gebruiken onze expertise om bedrijven te helpen bij het implementeren, finetunen en uitbreiden van hun mogelijkheden op het gebied van telewerken.

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Flexibele leeroplossingen voor teams die vanuit huis werken

Live training van gecertificeerde experts, bij u thuis. Laat u certificeren in de nieuwste technologieën en oplossingen voor werken op afstand.

Virtuele training

De toekomst van het werk

Inzicht en advies om teams uit te rusten voor de nieuwe manier van werken. Onderstaande blocks zijn in het Engels en verschijnen regelmatig.


Beyond the sale: how COVID-19 has brought solution lifecycle management into sharp focus

Find out how cloud and SaaS are transforming how businesses engage with and retain customers and manage their supply chains.

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Re-imagining virtual events

When you rethink virtual events as more than just a replacement for physical events, you can unlock new levels of engagement, interaction and insight.

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How SD-WAN is proving itself during the pandemic

COVID-19 is the epitome of a use case for SD-WAN. See how it's proving itself during the pandemic.

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Planning for the new way of working

With the likelihood of more employees wanting to continue to work from home, we look at how to optimise infrastructure and capabilities. 

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The supply chain of the future is green, agile and digital-first

A data-driven, digital-first approach will build more resilient and sustainable supply-chain operations.

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Keeping up customer engagement in a lockdown

With the lockdown putting a stop to face-to-face meetings, our sales teams have turned to online meetings and engaging content to maintain customer relationships.

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Supply chain in the lockdown: lessons learned and new opportunities

How this pandemic must change the way we work with channel partners in the future.

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The future of remote working webinar

Get a concise overview of the steps required to adapt a business from where we are now to where we need to be in a few months' time.

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Managing a supply chain successfully though a pandemic

Supply-chain operations have always been the backbone of our business, but our operations teams have come to the forefront recently by keeping goods flowing.

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How remanufactured equipment is keeping the supply chain flowing

With the lockdown disrupting the technology supply chain and impacting availability and delivery, could circular technology be the solution?

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Onze community

Hoe we onze community ondersteunen en onze mensen veilig en gemotiveerd aan het werk houden. Onderstaande blocks zijn in het Engels en verschijnen regelmatig.


Return to the office

Our teams are preparing to return to the offices safely.

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Work-life balance bingo

Challenge yourself to tick off one horizontal or vertical line each day.

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Building human relationships

Mohamed Elshafie talks about the importance of the human side of customer relationships.

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We're here to help

Enrico Jost talks about adapting to home working, and how everyone at Westcon-Comstor is here to help.

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Our children’s activity book

Here’s an activity book to keep your little ones entertained. 
Created by parents, for parents, to make working from home more fun for your children.

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Logistics teams go the extra mile

A big shout out to our amazing logistics centre teams in the UK and Netherlands! Thank you for all your hard work helping customers.

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Staying safe, supporting local

We continue to work with Ben's Business Services to bring our Dutch warehouse staff into work safely when public transport is reduced.

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Deep Easter clean keeps staff safe

Deep clean activities continue over the Easter weekend in our logistics centres in the UK and the Netherlands. All measures are in place to make it safe for our staff to come into work.

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Leveranciers content hubs

De juiste oplossingen maken veilige online samenwerking gemakkelijker. Ontdek hier de nieuwste tools, technologie, middelen en best practices van onze leveranciers.