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Cloudian Available via AWS Marketplace

Introducing the new standard for data management

Cloudian Available via AWS Marketplace

Introducing the new standard for data management

Introducing the new standard for data management

Cloud storage in your data centre

Take control of your unstructured data. Cloudian HyperStore lets you start small and grow to hundreds of petabytes simply by adding nodes. Leverage the proven interoperability of the industry's only 100% native S3 API. And take advantage of the broadest feature set in object storage. Whether for on-premises storage, or hybrid cloud storage services, Cloudian HyperStore object storage saves time, saves money, and puts you in control.

Available via AWS Marketplace, with margin available for Westcon Cloud Cloud Partners.

Product Features

The most complete feature set in its class.
Advanced system and data management features put you in control. Compared to other object storage systems, Cloudian HyperStore offers more capabilities that boost interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency.

100% NATIVE S3:

The industry's highest S3 compliance ensures investment protection for you.


Securely accommodate multiple users with isolated storage domains.


Manage SLAs with Cloudian's unique QoS capability.


Employ the metrics you choose to manage chargebacks.


Efficient data protection with the level of redundancy you choose.


Reduce storage footprint with integrated data compression.

Product Benefits

Cloudian HyperStore Metered-by-Use

  • Get started with object storage and pay nothing upfront.
  • Simply download Cloudian HyperStore software from the Amazon Marketplace.
  • And deploy on the servers and storage you choose.
  • Monthly billing from Amazon is based on your capacity in use.
  • No new suppliers to onboard and zero upfront cost.