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Realize the promise of virtualization

IT organizations of all shapes and sizes have embraced server virtualization as a way to reduce costs and enhance service delivery. But managing the new technology can be a challenge.


Legacy tools designed for the physical world don’t extend well to the virtual world and fail to take advantage of the new platform. And the virtualization team can no longer manage the growing environment with only the native tools at its disposal.

To keep virtualization moving forward, organizations need high-performance tools built specifically for today’s 24x7 mission-critical virtual environment.


Your virtualization specialist

At Veeam® Software, we specialize in virtualization management. In fact, it’s the only thing we do.

We’ve talked with thousands of IT professionals to identify their most pressing concerns.

We’ve considered how virtualization changes the model for systems management and data protection.

And we’ve developed tools to address all these specific challenges and opportunities—tools that work alongside your existing management systems and IT practices to unlock the power of virtualization.


Innovation, value and customer satisfaction

When it comes to innovation, value and customer satisfaction, Veeam is the clear leader. We consistently deliver solutions that work and solutions that matter.

It started with Veeam FastSCP™, a free file management utility used by more than 150,000 VMware administrators. Now more than 40,000 customers rely on Veeam.

And as our customers’ needs evolve, so does Veeam’s technology. Our award-winning vPower® technology and monitoring, reporting and categorization solutions are the future of virtualization management and data protection.


Look no further

If you’re looking for a way to manage your virtual data center more effectively and efficiently, look no further.

If you want to reduce costs, take data protection to a new level, and fully experience the benefits of virtualization, look to us.

We’re Veeam Software, and we provide the solutions you need to successfully manage your virtual environment.