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Making Conversations Count

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You can’t get too far into a news article or podcast these days without hearing about “digital transformation”. And, sure, it’s hugely important that we understand this next channel evolution, but along with this technology shift must come a change in our digital communications. As a marketer who’s served a few tours of channel duty, I’ve seen how a good, honest conversation with partners, customers and peers can inform your best go-to-market strategy. And it’s that type of conversation I want to develop with you through this blog. 

I recognize this form of communication doesn’t always lend itself to a two-way exchange, but, with your help, it could. I encourage you to post comments, share experiences, suggest a future topic for us to discuss.

When I’m talking to a customer, I enjoy actively listening as much as I share. I ask a lot of questions and focus on the person’s responses, rather than looking for an opportunity to interject with a product pitch. These days, the real value isn’t in the product; it’s in delivering the solution. By asking questions, listening with curiosity and putting aside the “sales pitch,” I realize better insight into customer’s pain points, and we can then work together to solve their problem effectively. Most important, the customer knows they were heard and their issue acknowledged and addressed.

LinkedIn Groups are one great place to “hear” concerns customers are raising, their questions and ways they’re trying to answer them. Related channel conversations will serve as inspiration for future blog posts. A few things I’d love to talk about are:

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Social media and the channel
  • Building customer relationships
  • Transforming marketing

These blogs are launchpads for conversations. Let’s start a dialogue here, ask questions and share ideas that ultimately drive your organization, and your customers, toward success. In the process I hope you’ll come to believe, as I do, that a good, honest conversation may be the best way to fuel, develop and craft your go-to-market strategy. 


About Joan Spindel: As the chief go-to-market strategist for Westcon-Comstor, Joan Spindel engages our customers in genuine, empathetic conversations and then translates their needs into compelling market development initiatives. She believes there has never been a better time to listen and lead in marketing.