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Thoughts and practical advice from our industry leaders

A Transforming Industry: How to Add Value in the Cloud

Three years ago, I joined a distributor after a long career working for large system integrators and telecommunications providers.  Having held a number of senior management roles covering professional services, ICT outsourcing, large enterprise sales, strategy and architecture, I needed a change of scenery — to do something different, but still stay connected to technology and innovation... Read More

Driving Amazing Customer Experience

First and foremost - the customer is at the center of everything we do on a macro and micro level. Secondly – realize that everyone is a customer, from a business who buys our products and services, to the vendor or manufacture who lets us represent them to our employees and shareholders. Read More

A Cloud Guy’s Guide to Game-Changing Tech Trends

Cars driving humans. Replicators creating prosthetic limbs. It’s not science fiction. If anything, it’s science premonition. Real-life technology is rivalling and even surpassing things that blew us away in the movies. And as we race into the second half of 2016, technology advances that are setting the stage for all this and more are hitting their stride. Read More