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Our Cloud Promises

Transform. Grow. Thrive.

The Westcon-Comstor Cloud Practice is committed to helping you capitalise on the global IT cloud opportunity by enabling and inspiring your business to grow and thrive. With billions of dollars in cloud opportunities at stake, you need a partner with the global strength and expertise to extend your capabilities, and one that is focused on transforming your business to deliver results together.

Westcon-Comstor is so dedicated to your cloud business success, that we're building our practice, tools, programs and resources all with your business in mind. That's why and how we developed our Five Cloud Promises.



We enable you to thrive in the digital services market, to ensure your success as the channel evolves.


We keep you at the centre of the digital services life cycle, ensuring you profit from every transaction.

Programs to help you apply and capitalise on market trends with complementary product and service opportunities.

Teams of business experts and engineers to help you uncover more opportunities, enter new markets, and build a dynamic and profitable cloud business.

Tools such as our BlueSky Cloud and Service Management platform, CapEx to OpEx financing model options, white papers, sales tools, marketing campaigns and training programmes, help you identify and close more cloud opportunities.

Analytics enable you to monitor customer usage and manage profit margins more effectively by tracking product use, renewals and service contracts.

Back Office Operations alleviate operational burdens and costs with order capture, order fulfilment and “billing on your behalf”.

Single Sign-On Digital Logistics Service enables your customers to review, order, track and analyse hardware, software, education and service products.


We systematically identify, qualify and onboard new vendors and products, to ensure a comprehensive cloud solutions portfolio.


We offer hybrid solutions to help you meet your customers' business needs with ease.

Portfolio made up of the leading traditional and born-in-the-cloud vendors ensures you have comprehensive solutions to satisfy demand.

Accelerate and ISV Programs assume the responsibility and investment of vetting and qualifying vendors with next-generation solutions from best-in-class emerging cloud technologies.

Branded and White-Label Services enable you to augment your resources and build new capabilities through cloud assessment, migration, transformation and optimisation services.

Westcon-Comstor EDGE Partner Program benefits you at every stage of your transformation to help you take your business to the next level.

Solutions, configured for a variety of vertical markets and business-use cases, keep the ordering, fulfilment and billing process simple and easy.

Services, such as enablement, education and analytics, that strengthen and extend your market reach.

26 logistics and stocking facilities, including 13 Supply Chain Services locations on six continents, that can ship to 180-plus countries and territories on your behalf, sometimes in less than a day.


We bring global reach and scale, with local expertise, to quickly, efficiently and seamlessly help you enter and serve new markets.

Reach We can handle your local, regional and multi-national rollouts, extend your geographical reach, and offer you the ability to expand your market scope and opportunities with little capital investment.


Scale With one point of contact and one invoice, you can develop, deploy and manage cloud solutions across the globe, accelerating your ability to scale.

Expertise Our emerging-markets presence combined with our 30-plus years of experience and expertise opens new markets that are not covered by other distribution partners.