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Sales Tax Information and Required Forms

Download Tax Forms for Your State

Please see below for important tax documentation. To save a file to your computer, right-click the link and choose "Save Target As" (in Internet Explorer). Then choose a location to save the file.

For questions concerning these tax forms, or if you need additional assistance, please contact Susan Shackelford, WestconGroup at

For detailed information regarding what is required for each state please reference important tax information below.

View Tax Information Document

State State Requirements Form Needed
AL - Alabama MULTIJURISDICTION FORM Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
AZ - Arizona*** AZ CERT OR AZ # ON MULTI FORM Adobe PDF Document  5000A or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
CA - California CA CERT OR CA # ON MULTI FORM  Adobe PDF Document  BOE-230 or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
CO - Colorado CO CERT & CO STATE LICENSE Adobe PDF Document  DR 0563
CT - Connecticut CT CERT OR CT # ON MULTI FORM  Adobe PDF Document  CT Certificate or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
DC - District of Columbia DC CERT OR DC # ON MULTI FORM Adobe PDF Document  FR-368 or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
FL - Florida FL CERTIFICATE State Issued
GA - Georgia GA or HOME STATE # ON GA CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  ST-5
IN - Indiana IN CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  ST-105
KY – Kentucky FORM 51A105 OR HOME STATE # OF KY LINE OF MULTI FORM Adobe PDF Document  51A105 or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
State Issued
ME - Maine ME CERTIFICATE State Issued
MD - Maryland MD CERT OR MD # ON MULTI FORM Adobe PDF Document  COT/ST-103 or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
MA - Massachusetts MA CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  ST-4
MI - Michigan MI CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  Form 3372
MS - Mississippi MS STATE ISSUED PERMIT State Issued
NE - Nebraska Home State # on NE form  Adobe PDF Document  FORM 13 or
Adobe PDF Document  Streamlined
NJ - New Jersey NJ Certificate for customers registered in NJ Adobe PDF Document  St-3 or
Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
  NJ Certificate for customers with No Nexus in NJ
Using home state number
Adobe PDF Document  ST-3 NR
NM - New Mexico NM Certificate State Issued
NV - Nevada NV will accept Home State Certificate Adobe PDF Document  NV Certificate or
Home State
NY - New York Home State # on NY form  Adobe PDF Document  ST-120
NC - North Carolina NC will accept Streamlined form Adobe PDF Document  Form E-590
OH - Ohio Home State # on OH form Adobe PDF Document  STEC B
OK - Oklahoma MULTIJURISDICTION FORM Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction
PA - Pennsylvania Home State # on PA form  Adobe PDF Document  REV-1220
RI - Rhode Island Home State # on RI form - Will accept Streamline form Adobe PDF Document  STF RI42576F or
Adobe PDF Document  Streamlined
SC - South Carolina Home State # on SC form Adobe PDF Document  ST-8A
SD - South Dakota Home State # on SD form Adobe PDF Document  RV066
TN - Tennessee TN certificate - Will accept Streamline form Adobe PDF Document  RV-F1300701 or
Adobe PDF Document  Streamlined
TX - Texas Home State # on TX form  Adobe PDF Document  01-339
UT - Utah  UT CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  TC-721
VA - Virginia Home State # on VA form Adobe PDF Document  ST-10
WA - Washington WA CERTIFICATE or Streamlined or Multi Form Adobe PDF Document  Multijurisdiction or
Adobe PDF Document  Streamlined
WV - West Virginia WV CERTIFICATE Adobe PDF Document  Streamlined
WI - Wisconsin WI CERTIFICATE   Adobe PDF Document  S-211
***Sales to Federal Government are taxed in AZ