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Data Services

Data Services

Receive essential information to support your business operations using Westcon-Comstor’s Data Services solutions. We can deliver a range of reports and notices via email or file transfer based on the frequency you specify. These services help save money and time, require minimal setup, and are free of change for our partners.


Product Info

Pricing/Product Catalogs/Product Availability

We offer two types of Product Catalogs/Price Lists. You can choose to subscribe to one or both.


Standard Product Catalog/Price List

Keep your products database current with the item number, vendor name, description, list price, standard discount price and availability. Our Product Catalogs can be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly by email or FTP. If you don’t have an FTP site, we can host your data on our FTP site, allowing you to retrieve it at your convenience.

It’s easy to subscribe. Simply tell your account team which vendors you want to include, how often you want to receive the report, and the preferred delivery format. We recommend daily frequency for checking current inventory counts.

View Sample File


Avaya Product Catalog

This catalog contains Avaya-specific information such as warranty, weight, MPG Code/Description, product group/sub-group, Avaya Category and Sub-Category. Many partners use the Avaya Product Catalog in conjunction with the Standard Product Catalog to load their ERP systems using the most current and complete Avaya information available. Subscribers receive a compressed file via email or FTP on or about the 10th of each month.

As with all of our Data Services offerings, subscribing is easy. Just let us know the delivery format you prefer.

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Post-Sales Info

Order Status

The Customer Postcard report delivers comprehensive order information to you daily or weekly by email, in an easy-to-read, single Excel file.

View a Sample Postcard Report

It covers transactions across multiple statuses ranging from received to invoiced, including information related to returns (RMAs). For partners with multiple accounts, information can also be made available in a single postcard report.

To subscribe, simply tell your account team whether you prefer to receive the daily or weekly version of the Customer Postcard.

Postcard Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Detailed Open Order Status
  • Westcon-Comstor PO Number to Vendor (Dropship Orders)
  • Return Status – Approved/Open & Credited
  • Single, Multi-tab Spreadsheet
  • Invoice, Tracking & Serial # Information for the Previous 2 Days
  • Product Info by Type (Hardware, Software, Services)
  • Year-to-Date Sales Info


TrackIT Notices - Order Receipt Confirmation & Order Status

This email notice is delivered to you when your Purchase Order becomes a Sales Order in our system. It contains a link to your order on our e-commerce site to track it through to shipment, even after the order has shipped and invoiced. Since different people in your organization may need this information, please let us know who should receive it when the order is entered. Otherwise, we’ll send it to a default email associated with your account.


Ship IT Notices - Shipment Notification

This email notice is triggered when an order is ready to ship. It contains your purchase order number, the ship-to address, package weights, the location from where the product shipped, and the tracking number link – making order tracking a one-click process. Since different people in your organization may need this information, let us know at the time of order entry who should receive it. Otherwise, we’ll send it to a default email associated with your account.


Service Update*

Now, when shipping via FedEx, partners will receive an update directly from FedEx if the status of your shipment changes. This will default to your Ship IT email alias. (Only for FedEx shipments using Westcon-Comstor’s account).


Point of Sales (POS) – Previous Week’s or Month’s Sales via Email in .csv File

While the Customer Postcard is useful for managing daily transactions, detailed information is often needed regarding past shipments. The Customer POS report is an email-delivered report that provides details on all orders, invoiced or credited within the previous calendar week or month. The file contains Invoice Numbers and Date Invoiced, along with your purchase order number, item numbers, quantities, ship-to end-user addresses and much more (over 42 columns of data!). Many customers elect to receive daily Customer Postcard and monthly Customer POS reports. To subscribe, simply tell your account team whether you prefer to receive the weekly or monthly version of the Customer POS Report and the contact’s email address.

View a Sample Monthly Report


Invoice – Previous Day’s Invoices Delivered to You Electronically

Get your invoices and credits delivered to you via a secure email, invoice your customers faster, and process payables more efficiently. Most Westcon-Comstor customers are automatically subscribed to this service when their account is established. If you are not subscribed and would like to be, please contact us.