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Comstor Now Utilizing DSV

Comstor is pleased to announce it is now utilizing Distribution Sales Visibility (DSV), the order booking process that enables Comstor to leverage existing inventory and provide the value added services that our reseller partners expect. As a replacement to Channel Bookings Neutrality (CBN), DSV equalizes the booking timing for direct and distribution ordering.

To learn how Comstor DSV can help you grow your business, please contact your Comstor Account Manager or click below to submit queries.

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Digital Network Architectures

In an age of Internet of Everything (IoE), VARs need a strong focus on digital network architectures that are reliable, flexible, and secure, according to Dan Forbes, Comstor Director of Business Development. Recently, Dan sat down with us for a podcast on EDGE360 and shared his 2017 outlook, which focused on refreshing networks, securing networks and much more.

In addition, Forbes discussed cloud, where VARs should invest in 2017 and the importance of Dynamic Value Partnerships with EDGE360.

Listen to Forbes’ Podcast

“My day involves talking with companies that have made the journey into a digital environment,” he said, “and the concept of refresh to get Digital Ready is on everyone’s mind.

Dan Forbes
Director of Business Development

“Refresh is making sure that the network is ready and capable for that type of movement toward digital- based content. It helps us build a funnel and lays the foundation for other types of conversations. If you are helping a customer build and expand their network that will get them into this digital world of tomorrow, those conversations can blossom into other opportunities.”

To be fully prepared to help customers, Forbes said that Comstor partners must understand how to create true network security in today’s IoE environment.

“Risks are growing – both hacks and inherent security risks,” Forbes said. “When you are connecting things that have never been connected to the network before, security becomes fundamental to moving information into a public domain.

“This year will offer the opportunity to drive meaningful growth in security, and the Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) is an important program, because it helps partners quickly grasp the concepts that are important around security. It isn’t about selling a box. It is around including technology, people, processes and facilities into a really robust security defense strategy.”



Three Areas of Focus

Federal contractors share at least three things in common right now with a new president in place and the launch of perhaps a different looking federal market than the one we’ve known. While what, specifically, might not be fully known, one thing is assured: Federal business will not be dull this year. Larry Allen, President of Allen Federal Partners, and a Comstor trusted advisor, offers his perspective of the three commonalities:

Waiting for Trump: Routine, mid-level business is conducted by federal agencies year-round. Anything else is pending right now as the new federal leaders appointed by President Trump map out their plans.

Opinions vary on how disruptive or dramatically different the Trump Team will be. Early signs are that large programs with the distinct stamp of the outgoing Administration will be closely scrutinized at least and may be altered or shut down. New priorities may be very different, as will expectations on how quickly progress should be made.

Federal contractors need to prepare for new leaders who want things done quickly, but perhaps at a low cost, and perhaps with little attention to process. It will most likely be well into the spring and summer, though, before enough of the President’s team is on the ground to have a real impact on shaping the federal market.

You Must Wait Patiently: Precisely because of the timing of a new President and his people, contractors will have to exercise patience. Again, routine, non-controversial programs and projects will likely continue, but even they may be slowed as the people working on them get peeled away to brief the transition team or new appointees.

This reality has already been felt by many contractors and has them very frustrated. Unfortunately, patience will have to last for several more months, and not just because of the transition.

Most federal agencies will run out of money at the end of April, adding back uncertainty to just how much money agencies will have to spend this year and on what. If Congress, for example, decides to simply extend their Continuing Resolution through the entire Fiscal Year, new projects will have to wait until FY’18.

In the Meantime, Get Focused: Despite numerous discussions in the space and elsewhere, it is still amazing to see so many federal contractors use the “throw it against the wall” approach to federal business development. It’s a little bit of a mob mentality, too. “Everyone else is running over to the X Federal agency, there must be something going on there, so we should go there, too.” No. Do not do this. Stay focused.

Look at agency business forecasts, many of which can easily be found online. Get smart at industry events. Read trade publications. All of this can help you become more focused so that you can know with better certainty who is buying what you’re selling, how much they might buy, when they want to buy it, and a little about the personalities of the people you’re seeking to do business with. Each subsequent business call now has a higher likelihood of success and you’ll be making good use of your time and that of your potential federal customer.

The bottom line for federal business right now is to be patient, but gather as much information as you can about how your federal market may be changing in the months and years ahead.




SMB Boot Camp

Comstor makes it easy for partners to become Select Certified. Now you can simply participate in a two-day boot camp hosted by Comstor, pass the exam that immediately follows – and begin enjoying the advantages of being Select Certified.

Partners must register for the sales and technical sessions. Both sales and technical tracks can be completed by the same person, if necessary.


Tuesday, April 4   Sales (AM)
    11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern
Wednesday, April 5   Tech (Engineer)
    11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Eastern


Please click below for details and registration.

Register Now


For additional information, please contact your Comstor Account Manager or Diana Guthrie, Comstor Training Manager, at 303-222-4762 or



Purple, Meraki

Comstor is helping change the enterprise discussion by offering more with your Meraki Access Points (APs). With any Meraki order that has two or more APs associated with it, Comstor is providing two, six-month Purple foundation licenses. This is a great way to differentiate your business from competitors.

Meraki offers enterprise-class WiFi solutions. Purple adds a best-in-market guest platform that is legally compliant and has content filtering, social log-in, deep analytics and marketing tools built in. All of these features are designed to deliver a better customer experience while providing tools to generate a robust return on investment.

Purple has a scalable solution from small, single-site businesses to large, multi-site organizations with high volumes of WiFi users.

For more information on this promotion, please contact Reid Scrimgeour, Comstor ENG/Mobility Product Manager, at 303-222-4778 or




Opportunity Is Knocking

Today's network is critical to enabling change in virtually all organizations as they embark on the digital transformation journey. Are you prepared for the trip?

Comstor is leading the way in this digital evolution and now you can learn how to get on board. See the schedule below and join us for a series of webinars designed to provide all the insight you'll need to become a trusted digital advisor for your customers.

The first 20 partners to register for each session, attend and complete the post-event survey will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

DNA Virtual Training Sessions Date
Services Opportunities with Cisco DNA 02/21/17
Securing the Enterprise with Cisco DNA 03/07/17
Enhancing Collaboration with Cisco DNA 03/21/17
Get a Leg Up on IoT with Cisco DNA 04/04/17

Questions? Please contact the Comstor DNA team at 303-222-4850 or




Comstor Tech Revival

Take advantage of Comstor’s exclusive Comstor Tech Revival program for Cisco network, mobility and security upgrades worth $5,000 to $100,000.

If your customer has an existing non-Cisco network that is in need of a refresh, you can leverage Tech Revival to replace it with next-gen Cisco technology.

Additional benefits include:

  • Attractive discounts
  • More product revenue
  • Opportunity to attach Services
  • Simple application and approval process

For additional information, please contact Reid Scrimgeour, Comstor ENG/Mobility Product Manager, at 303-222-4778 or