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Dive Deeper with OpportunityFinder

Today’s customers are seeking vendors that sell solutions—technology and services bundled together to deliver tangible business value. If you aren’t leading with a services-led sales strategy, you’re leaving revenue on the table. The ability to deliver value to customers via services-led selling promises larger, more stable recurring revenue streams.

But transforming to a services-led strategy and effectively executing one can be difficult—that’s why we created OpportunityFinder. With OpportunityFinder, you can assemble an accurate blueprint of your customers’ Cisco technology, so you can proactively analyze service coverage, easily identify assets in need of replacement, and quickly map out a clear migration path. From there, you can approach your customers with technology enhancements that represent real value.

Comstor’s OpportunityFinder is unlike any other tool in the industry. With it, you can match Cisco point of sales data with real time point of risk information to identify coverage gaps associated with aging and outdated equipment.