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Blue Coat PacketShaper: Improve Network Efficiency with Visibility and Control

Do your customers’ networks know the difference between important web traffic like online meetings and low-priority traffic like games and streaming media? Their current security solutions might block obvious categories of questionable content such as gambling, but can they control everything else? The answer is YES with Blue Coat PacketShaper!

PacketShaper delivers content-aware control of today’s web-integrated WAN. Its unique integration of application and web content intelligence delivers the X-ray vision needed to monitor today’s network traffic and enforces rules with priority, partition and rate-control technologies.

  • Prioritize important applications like Oracle, SAP, and Office365
  • Assure quality for VoIP and videoconferencing
  • Contain recreational traffic to any level specified

PacketShaper analyzes and positively identifies traffic generated by hundreds of business and recreational applications. And thanks to its integration with WebPulse – Blue Coat’s real-time web intelligence service – PacketShaper can even control application traffic by web content category.


Blue Coat 360 Traffic Analysis for PacketShaper Opportunities

Before network bandwidth can be optimized, an accurate picture of network traffic and application performance needs to be established. Blue Coat 360 helps identify network bottlenecks, inefficiencies and recreational traffic quickly and easily. This is an especially useful tool for developing PacketShaper opportunities.


Blue Coat Makes Smart Acquisitions, Product Improvements

Acquired by Bain Capital in the spring of 2015, Blue Coat has improved existing products and created new ones in the fight against hackers.

SSLVA SV3800B-20 was released to arm data centers with a 9GB encrypted traffic management solution. Blue Coat also announced partnerships and collaboration initiatives to make decryption easier and more powerful than ever.

Key enhancements have been made in the ProxySG, Virtual ProxySG and Cloud Web Security Service to keep Blue Coat’s run going strong.


New Products of Note

Mail Threat Defense Appliance. In response to data showing that 89 percent of all attacks in the recon phase are coming from email, Blue Coat released the Mail Threat Defense appliance.

Advanced Secure Gateway. In response to tightening budgets and the trend of condensing security appliances, Blue Coat announced the ASG – a ProxySG and a Content Analysis System (CAS) rolled into one. These systems offer all the functionality and licenses found on the ProxySG, with the added benefit of holding single or dual A/V file inspection licenses from Kaspersky, Sophos or MacAfee.


Key End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Announcements

ProxyAV. All ProxyAV appliances are EOS and EOL; the replacement to quote is the CAS. Please contact your Westcon Account Manager for details on specific products.

ProxySG600/900. These platforms are EOS. The SG900s expire soonest, with the last eligible date to purchase a 1-year support contract coming on July 31, 2016. The SG600 support can be purchased or renewed through December 31, 2018 (1-year options exist). This is in addition to the recent announcement for the SG9000 (last date for support is October 31, 2016), so S Series (ProxySGS2/4/500 models) must be quoted moving forward.

Director. All Director models are going EOL, with Management Center as the replacement. Management Center offers far greater-reaching capabilities and represents a better solution for your end users. Contact your Westcon Account Manager for details and support.