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  • Microsoft Surface Hub is collaboration without limits.

    Microsoft’s market-leading device, designed to make business collaboration easier and more effective - whether people are in the same room or on the other side of the world.
    Surface Hub offers a unique mix of software, apps and hardware. The massive 55” or 84” 4k screen with two wide-angle HD cameras and high performance microphones ensures everyone’s ideas are seen and heard.

    Your opportunity to enter a whole new market.

    With no comparable product currently on the market, Surface Hub is your chance to capitalise on an opportunity that exists in every collaborative space, from some 10m conference rooms, to 200m personal offices and countless spaces like classrooms and design studios. But the real value of the Surface Hub is beyond just the price of sale.
    As one of only a few businesses offering it, there’s an opportunity to open doors that were previously shut – allowing you to emphasise your existing portfolio.


    Westcon-Comstor is your opportunity to sell Surface Hubs with no strings attached.

    Becoming a Microsoft Surface Hub reseller isn’t exactly straightforward, but that all changes when you choose Westcon-Comstor as a distributor because all you need to get started is an active Westcon-Comstor account.

    Need convincing on Surface Hub ROI?

    Read Forrester's Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Surface Hub

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