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Aviatrix Via AWS Marketplace

Cloud native networking software solution.

Aviatrix Available via AWS Marketplace

Cloud native networking software solution.

Aviatrix enables businesses to build, access, secure, and scale their public cloud environment. The cloud native networking technology is fully integrated with your public cloud infrastructure whether you're running in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Aviatrix provides an end-to-end encrypted cloud networking and management software solution for organisations of all sizes. As a centrally managed solution, Aviatrix allows you to dynamically create secure cloud environments.

Available via AWS Marketplace, with margin available for Westcon-Comstor Cloud Partners, contact Westcon-Comstor to find out more.

Product Features

  • The Aviatrix Gateway

    • Scale-out cloud VPN that auto scales to users and load.
    • Multifactor authentication—Active Directory/LDAP, DUO, Google and Okta.
    • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering.
    • User profile-based access and consistent security policies.
    • Deployed on-prem ESX/HyperV/ KVM or in AWS, Azure, and Google.
    • Environmental stamping to create cloud networks at scale.

  • Aviatrix Cloud Controller

    • Central Orchestration and provisioning.
    • Extensive access logging and monitoring for compliance and audit.
    • Multi-region, multi-cloud encrypted peering.
    • Flexible volume-based licensing to enable burst usage.

Product Benefits

  • Aviatrix recently introduced the 2.0 version of our Cloud Native Networking software.
  • The operations-centric UI and software-defined architecture enables cloud production engineers to set up, securely connect and centrally manage their entire cloud network.