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Our brand guidelines


Our brand is more than a logo, it’s the foundation of our identity. Westcon-Comstor is our lead brand but we go to market through our two lines of business: Westcon and Comstor. The logo works best on a white background, but it is acceptable to place the logo on black or the corporate blue. You must use the correct version of the logo when placing the logo on black or blue.

See the guidelines for full details of how to use our logos.

Colour logos

White logos

Our colour palette

We use colour to bring our brand to life. Each of our technologies and capabilities has its own colour, but only use one with the blue at a time. If there are multiple or no associations, default to corporate grey.

See the guidelines for full details of how to use our colour palette.

Corporate blue


R37 G81 B123

Corporate grey


R145 G159 B169

Digital Distribution


R142 G199 B72



R172 G35 B71



R51 G149 B191



R239 G157 B10



R157 G44 B124



R0 G160 B130

Data centre


R109 G91 B164



R23 G43 B73