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Chef Available via AWS Marketplace

Automate your infrastructure - embrace DevOps

Automate your infrastructure - embrace DevOps

Automation is the heart of the modern software supply chain. Chef Automate is the one platform that brings end-to-end visibility, compliance and a unified workflow to your organisation's infrastructure and application pipelines. Chef Automate builds on open-source products and enables change management and rapid deployment for the entire technology stack.

Available via AWS Marketplace, with margin available for Westcon-Comstor Cloud Partners, contact Westcon-Comstor to find out more.

Product Features

Chef Automate gives you a full-stack continuous deployment pipeline, automated testing for compliance and security, and visibility into everything that's happening along the way. It builds on Chef for infrastructure automation, InSpec for compliance automation and Habitat for application automation.

Product Benefits

Chef client and server

  • For creating and managing your infrastructure.


  • Automation that travels with the application.
  • Your apps can run anywhere—bare metal, VMs, containers, and PaaS.

Chef DK

  • Provides tools you need to test your code.


  • Open-source testing framework for infrastructure.
  • Language for specifying compliance and security rules.