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Easy access WiFi for your customers, valuable data for your business

Easy access WiFi for your customers, valuable data for your business

Purple is an intelligent platform for physical spaces. Using social engagement, marketing tools and location analytics, brands get digital insights using data from real world spaces, such as WiFi data. Purple works as a cloud overlay to Cisco CMX and Cisco Meraki technology. While the Cisco CMX and Cisco Meraki Dashboard help CIOs and CTOs understand more about their business, the Purple Platform provides CMOs and marketing teams with the kind of analytics and marketing tools that they are used to from Google Analytics - for their websites.

Product Features

Enterprise customers have the option of four product lines: WiFi, Location, and two new offerings; Fusion and Provision (BYOD)

Purple WiFi

  • Is the well-established guest WiFi, analytics and marketing product

Purple Location

  • Is a location-based services product that works to actually pinpoint devices
  • Enable heat mapping, provide zone flow information and enable journey management
  • Purple's platform utilises the Meraki CMX API to provide many additional location features

Purple Fushion

  • Enables the connection to any type of data source, which can then be analysed and actioned.
  • A variety of different data sources will be utilised to harvest information about any physical space

Purple Provision

  • Enables a completely secure guest & staff WiFi environment
  • This uses automatic certificate provisioning, instead of WPA or other encrypted WiFi SSIDs

Product Benefits

Purple provides businesses a better understanding of their customers through best in market analytics, and the ability to create a highly personalised experience for people in their venues.