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SoftNAS Available via AWS Marketplace

On-Premises NAS to Cloud NAS Migration.

On-Premises NAS to Cloud NAS Migration

SoftNAS Cloud NAS is a software-defined, unified NAS/SAN storage solution for businesses that need powerful, frictionless and agile storage. SoftNAS can run on-premises in your existing infrastructure on VMware ESXi, in the public cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure or vCloud Air, or across your on-premises data centre and public cloud as a hybrid cloud.

Available via AWS Marketplace, with margin available for Westcon-Comstor Cloud Partners, contact Westcon-Comstor to find out more.

Product Features

SoftNAS scales efficiently to hundreds of millions to billions of files. Highly redundant, SoftNAS ensures you always have a failover plan to avoid downtime. Dedicated to eliminating customer friction, SoftNAS provides tools for administrators and developers that make powerful storage capabilities easy to deploy and manage.

Product Benefits

If you're looking for a reliable, flexible software-defined Cloud NAS filer minus any high up-front costs, SoftNAS is the solution for you.