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Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road, ambient noise is the main issue for loss of concentration and productivity. Poly has the largest portfolio of noise-cancelling headsets, and its headsets ensure you can conduct professional conversations that get results from anywhere.

So help your customers beat the noise and choose Poly for their headsets.


experience ambient noise
during calls up from 71% in 2017



different ambient noises are
experienced on average, by workers



Factworks: Poly Global Segmentation Research, 2021

New – Voyager 4300 UC

Free workers from their desks with the perfect entry-level Bluetooth wireless headset. Meet the Voyager 4300 UC series, everything your customers need to stay productive and connect to all their devices whether at home or in the office.

Keep your teams productive with all-day comfort and dual-mic Acoustic Fence technology that eliminates background noise.

  • Up to 50m of Bluetooth wireless range
  • Up to 24 hours of wireless talk time
  • Designed for portability – use at home and in the office
  • Noise-cancelling dual-mic with Acoustic Fence technology
  • Acoustic hearing protection with SoundGuard Digital
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Spotlight on Voyager Focus 2

The Voyager Focus 2 is the next generation of the successful stereo Bluetooth headset Voyager Focus UC. It builds on the amazing audio experience and all-day comfort of the original Voyager Focus while making use of the latest technology to provide a solution for today’s hybrid working environments.

  • Acoustic Fence technology to remove close talkers at home or in the office
  • Advanced digital hybrid ANC for more natural sounds and less fatiguing
  • Next generation Bluetooth adapter for longer and more stable wireless range up to 50m
  • Stereo sound for calls and media/music
  • Dynamic Mute Alert senses and tells you when talking while muted
  • Ultra-comfortable headband and plush ear cushions
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For any platform

Largest portfolio of (active) noise cancelling headsets

Besides the Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4300, discover the other headsets in our portfolio with noise cancelling capabilities.


SAVI 8220

Enterprise-grade DECT™ audio headset system

  • Manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls
  • Filter out background noise with ANC
  • Listen to music and media with enterprise-quality DECT audio
  • Enjoy wireless freedom with long-range roaming

Voyager 8200 UC

Boomless stereo Bluetooth® headset with ANC

  • Boomless, dual-paired omni-directional microphones with enhanced digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Dual-mode ANC lets you choose your preferred noise-reduction level
  • Smart sensors route, auto-answer, and auto-mute calls
  • 3.5 mm audio cable for extended listening time and in-flight audio

Voyager 6200 UC

Bluetooth® stereo neckband headset with earbuds

  • Boomless design features four omni-directional microphones and ANC
  • Comfort-fit earbuds deliver hi-fi stereo
  • Neckband vibrates to alert you to incoming calls
  • Pairs with up to eight devices and connects to two simultaneously
  • Wideband audio provides high-quality PC telephony

Voyager Focus UC

Stereo Bluetooth® headset with ANC

  • ANC helps block sounds in noisy environments
  • Smart sensors route, auto-answer and auto-mute calls
  • Hi-fi stereo sound creates a more immersive experience
  • Dynamic Mute Alert™ feature alerts when you try to talk while muted
  • OpenMic™ button allows you to hear surroundings when needed

Blackwire 7225

Corded, boomless stereo headset with ANC

  • ANC
  • Boomless design with Plantronics clear talk technology
  • On-a-call indicator
  • Choice of two colours – black and white

Blackwire 8225

Premium corded UC headset with hybrid ANC

  • Flexible, noise-cancelling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology
  • Advanced hybrid ANC with three settings to optimise
  • On-a-call indicator
  • Exceptional audio for calls and media
  • Lightweight design (0.41 lbs/186 g)

Noise cancellation explained

Learn more about the technology behind these headsets in our video channel or download the ANC Tech Tip.
ANC Tech Tip