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Office distractions

Banish the perils of the open office

Did you know that 99% of workers in open plan offices get distracted at least some of the time?

More and more businesses are choosing modern open plan offices, and while most employees approve, these offices can often be loud, chaotic and full of distractions.

That’s where we come in. Poly’s Perils of the Open Office campaign and portfolio of collaboration solutions are designed to banish the perils of open plan spaces. We’re here to help you seize the opportunity.

Perils of the Open Office campaign

This campaign outlines the challenges of working in an open office and highlights Poly’s solutions for the modern office – from headsets to video conferencing, huddle rooms to large conference rooms, and mobile working to shared spaces.

It’s an ongoing campaign with new phases released every six weeks. Each phase tackles the different 'perils' of working in an open office, pairing it with a Poly solution. It is a fully integrated, global marketing campaign with Poly and Westcon leveraging many promotional tactics to generate demand.

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4 out of 10

workers in open plan offices say they are always or very often distracted.


Nearly 1 in 3

workers in open offices report losing an hour or more of work to distractions every day.


7 out of 10

workers say that they would be more productive if distractions were reduced.


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