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Remote working – are your customers ready?

Help your customers choose the right tools to make online collaboration easier

Customers are having an increased desire to work from home. But are they correctly equipped and ready for the pitfalls? We can help you provide your customers with the right solution for their remote working needs – from a simple set up to an executive home office.

Be prepared

Latest software

Ensure customers always have the latest collaboration software on their devices

Audio solutions

Finding the right audio solution is key, so your customers sound their best despite background noise

Using video

Using video conferencing is key for your customers to collaborate with their colleagues

Finishing touches

It's not just the audio and video. Don't forget a comfortable chair and good lighting

Remote working solutions

Blackwire 7225
Corded, boomless stereo headset with active noise cancelling

Product id: 211144-01

Calisto 5200
Speakerphone with 360° audio, and USB and 3.5mm connectivity

Product id: 210902-01

Poly Elara 60 series
Mobile phone station that enhances smartphone collaboration

Product id: 212952-419

Voyager Focus UC
Stereo Bluetooth headset with active noise cancelling

Product id: 202652-02

Blackwire 3300 series
Corded UC headset

Product id: 213928-01

Blackwire 5200 series
USB headset

Product id: 207577-01

Calisto 7200
Bluetooth speakerphone with four directional microphones

Product id: 207913-01

Voyager 3200 UC
Discreet Bluetooth headset system

Product id: 207371-01

Voyager 4200 UC
Bluetooth wireless headset system

Product id: 211317-01

Voyager 5200 UC
Mono Bluetooth headset system

Product id: 206110-101

Voyager 6200 UC
Business-ready Bluetooth neckband headset with earbuds

Product id: 208748-101

Voyager 8200UC
Stereo Bluetooth headset

Product id: 208769-01

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Remote working bundles


Simple set-up

Blackwire 3310 headset and EagleEye Mini camera instantly add business-quality audio and video collaboration.

Product ids: 213928‑01, 7200‑84990‑001


Versatile home office

Voyager 4220 UC headset, Calisto speakerphone and EagleEye Mini camera offers the ease of multiple connection options.

Product ids: 211996‑101, 210902‑01, 7200‑84990-001


All-day video conferencing

Voyager Focus noise-cancelling headset, Calisto 7200 speakerphone and EagleEye Cube camera allow the user to listen comfortably and move about during meetings.

Product ids: 207913‑01, 202652‑02, 7230‑63695‑001


Executive home office

Elara 60 series smartphone station and Studio USB video bar (Certified for Microsoft Teams) provide the most versatility and performance of all the Poly bundle options.

Product ids: 212952‑419, 7200‑85830-101

More product versions available
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