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Your customers need ruggedized user equipment to connect people and machines to their private wireless network in challenging environments. Nokia offers a broad portfolio of purpose-built industrial devices that maintain connectivity and enable operations in the harshest conditions.

The Nokia ruggedized portfolio includes a wide selection of handhelds, field routers, dongles, and hotspots for private 4G and 5G networks. All devices are certified and optimised for secure operation in harsh working environments.

We’ll help you and your customers select, install and operate Nokia's innovative industrial solutions. You’ll be able to set the course for high performance and secure communication – even under the toughest and most inhospitable working conditions.

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What makes Nokia Industrial devices


The right solution for every scenario

From heavy industry to public safety and logistics, Nokia has a perfect device for the job. Their industrial components for workers, machines, vehicles and goods are certified according to all common international protection classes and are delivered pre-configured and ready for use.



Top performance and flexible integration options

Depending on the model, the devices are 4.9G/LTE-, 5G- or MulteFire-capable and support all common 3GPP frequency bands - from the vertical spectrum to unlicensed frequencies. The outdoor fieldrouter offers compute capabilities enabling industrial protocols like PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC-UA and Modbus.


Easy deployment, management and operation

Integrated Nokia Industrial Device Management and Network Digital Twin are beneficial tools for keeping the devices up to date and the network running. Powerful plug-and-play and onboarding features make it easy for companies to take smart and IoT devices in use. High scalability, extensive group management and inventory features, and easy updates guarantee simple management.


Nokia Industrial devices at a glance

Nokia's 4G and 5G portfolio includes a wide range of ruggedized devices for harsh industrial environments and fixed wireless access solutions. In addition to this portfolio, Nokia offers a wide range of accessories, headphones, wearables and 5G cameras, to monitor operations and protect workers.

Nokia ruggedized 4G industrial handheld device

Nokia Industrial 4G dongle

Nokia Industrial 4G dongles bundle a wide feature set for indoor and outdoor environments in their robust and compact housing and are suitable for temperature ranges from -40⁰C to ~ 70⁰C.

  • IP67 certification
  • CAT12
  • Supported frequencies:
    • CE certified for: LTE: B8 / 38 / 42 / 43
    • FCC certified for: LTE: B2 / 4 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 25 / 26 / 66 / 38 / 41 / 48 / 53

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Nokia Industrial 4-in-1 Multi-port Antenna

HWNDANTN1056 - Nokia Industrial 4-in-1 Multi-port Antenna

  • 5G NR<E
  • Frequency Bands 
    • 600 MHz - 6000 MHz 
    • 1100 MHz - 6000 MHz
    • 1400 MHz - 6000 MHz
  • Connector Type : TNC male
  • Double-sided mounting tape and Nuts
  • IP67
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C

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Nokia Industrial Cameras

Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouters

Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouters are a sturdy solution for use in industrial environments and vehicles - with advanced vibration protection and certified for indoor (IP3X) and outdoor (IP67) use. They support both NSA and SA modes, and in temperatures ranging between -40 and 70 °C

Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouter FRRO501a

  • IP3x, IP67 certification
  • Sub-6
  • CAT16
  • Supports NSA and SA modes
  • Supported frequencies: n77/n78/n79 and more
  • Support 802.11 Axe (Wi-Fi 6)

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 Nokia Industrial 4G dongle
Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouters

Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouter FRRx502e 

  • Qualcomm SDX55 single chip solution
  • 5G NR and LTE-A CAT16 dual mode
  • Support both SA and NSA
  • Ruggedized and anti-vibration design
  • Powerful software features
  • Support USB 3.1, serial ports and GE ports
  • Web, TR069 and SNMP based device management

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Nokia Industrial devices excel in a wide range of industries - from logistics to heavy industry and mining. 

The most important use cases at a glance:


Transport and Logistics

The Nokia Industrial 4G handheld HHRA403x is a compact device that enables efficient push-to-talk and video communication at any time for employees in wide-area logistics facilities. The integrated barcode scanner allows goods to be picked and stock levels to be checked at the touch of a button. The robust 4G/5G dongle DGRxX01x creates a solution for automizing fork trucks and connecting smaller robots wirelessly.



The Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouter FRRO501x for outdoor excels in truck-mounted applications supporting autonomous haulage systems as well as providing network connectivity for sensor systems at tailings piles. 


Ports and airports

With the Nokia Industrial 4G fieldrouter FRRO401x for outdoor port and airport operators set the course for efficient remote operation of cranes. If required, the solution can be coupled with camera systems via a dongle to ensure seamless monitoring of operations.


Oil and gas

With the Nokia Industrial 5G fieldrouter FRRO501x oil and gas utilities can increase efficiency through remote operation of their facilities. If required, the solution can be coupled with existing camera systems via a 4G/5G dongle to ensure seamless monitoring of remote operations, or by using the 5G camera.


Production environments

The robust Nokia Industrial 4/5G fieldrouters FRRx402x/502x for indoor provide flexible connectivity for production and/or assembly line equipment that requires regular reconfiguration. In this use case, the DGRx40Xx dongle, which is smaller, enables the connection of AGVs and other moving equipment - setting the stage for comprehensive production automation.

Nokia Resources

If you want to know more about how Nokia Industrial devices ensure secure and efficient communication, read the NOKIA blog.


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