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Comstor education kits

Flexible, secure and productive education solutions

Hybrid education made secure, flexible, and easy

The shift to remote learning has dramatically impacted education, creating a high demand for secure virtual platforms to host online lessons. Schools now need robust networking infrastructure and a secure environment to support these changes, and it’s time to help your customers get there.

At Comstor, we understand the challenges and opportunities this shift presents. As experts in Cisco hybrid cloud solutions, we’ve developed sector-specific education kits help you support your customers as they take classroom learning to the cloud.

What educators want

“I need to deliver online lessons to my students in a safe environment.”

“Our networking system needs updating to enable students on campus to access the university's network safely.”

“We need to host applications on our data centre securely.”

“We need to invest in classroom equipment to enable virtual learning on premise or in the cloud.”

How the Comstor education kits help

Help your customers re-design teaching, learning and administration with Comstor’s education kits, featuring Cisco’s award-winning solutions from all architectures.

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Sector-specific kits

Three kits for lower, medium, and higher education-specific needs 

Enable hybrid learning environments

Digital boards to replicate the in-class experience and allow students to remotely participate in lessons.

Seamless collaboration

Connecting educators, students, and administrators from campuses to the home.

Reliable and secure

Data and the privacy protection of educators and students remotely accessing the network across multiple devices

Why Cisco for education cloud solutions

Securely connect educators, students, and administrators with transformative technologies that power inclusive learning for all.

Cisco provides state-of-the-art technology centered around connectivity, collaboration, and security.


Rated #1 Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader, Cisco offers best-in-class products and services.


Cisco’s cross-network security detects and responds to threats within hours, safeguarding users wherever they are.


Enjoy Cisco SmartNet warranty and back-up services with Comstor’s own Cisco experts, professional, finance, training, and enablement services that boost partner in-house resources.

Flexible working across industries


Hybrid work kits

Three business kits to easily enable professionals and organisations—from small to large—to maintain productivity and seamlessly connect to their colleagues securely.

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Healthcare kits

Support your customers with the Comstor healthcare kits comprising of Cisco’s award-winning solutions from all architectures. 

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Retail kits

Help retailers leverage data and analytics that can support business growth with the Comstor retail kits.

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Stay Connected, Stay Productive

Boost productivity—any time, anywhere—with secure Cisco hybrid cloud solutions and remote collaboration tools.

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Flexible funding—Cisco payment options

Don’t let capital financing issues limit your profit growth. Explore flexible and secure Cisco payment options with Comstor.

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Exceptional Cisco support, accelerated growth

Why Comstor? It’s simple.

Backed by 25 years of Cisco expertise, we help you grow your Cisco business faster than any other distributor. 

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