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AWS Reseller Program details

How to Register for the AWS Reseller Program through Westcon-Comstor:

You will need to have a valid APN account, complete the minimum accreditation requirements, 2 x Technical Professional and 2 x Business Professional, and sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement.


NB: 'Distribution Seller' is the AWS term for a Reseller, transacting via Distribution.


By submitting the form below, you will initiate the Click-thru process to sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement (DSA). AWS will send the DSA directly to the person entered as the signatory below via email, provided you have a valid APN ID, and meet the minimum accreditation requirements.


You can review the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement here.


To receive AWS discounts via Westcon-Comstor, you must have signed the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement to transact with Westcon-Comstor, registered via the Westcon-Comstor APN link & have a Westcon-Comstor Trading Account.