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Consulting Partner Program

Our Consulting Partner Program is in addition and complementary to the APN Consulting Partner Program provided by AWS.

Our targeted program has been developed from more than seven years of experience successfully working with consulting partners to build, market, differentiate and grow their businesses.

Our value proposition

Technical services

  • Managed services
  • Implementation and migration
  • Westcon Academy

Base services

  • Pre-sales architecture
  • Purchasing, margin calculation and billing assistance
  • Credit management and local currency
  • Jumpstart program
  • Marketing, sales and technical training
  • Reseller/end-customer onboarding
  • Reseller/end-customer acquisition
  • Credit management enterprise agreements via Westcon

Westcon-Comstor programs

  • Acceleration funding program
  • Lead generation programs
  • Competency assist program
  • Tech-as-a-Service program
  • Marketing-as-a-Service program
  • Services Bench for AWS
  • AWS Marketplace program
  • Optimisation programs
  • RI/Savings Plans Shared financing program

Tools and platforms

  • Reseller revenue management
  • Security analysis and compliance
  • Buying analysis and optimisation
  • IaaS sizing optimisation
  • Velocity online learning management

Partner Success Centre (PSC) – experts in recurring revenue and cloud

Consulting partners are supported by our Partner Success Centre. Fluent in five languages, and covering business-hour support across the APAC region, our experts have 50+ years combined experience dealing with consumption billing and recurring revenue.

Get in touch

Contact us on +62 21 8062 1470 to speak with our Partner Success Centre, or request a call back.