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Better together: How Westcon-Comstor’s Employee Resource Groups make a meaningful impact

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Seeking a sense of belonging, a path to growth, or a chance to make a difference? Discover how our Employee Resource Groups give diverse voices the chance to thrive and empower a better Westcon-Comstor for all

Imagine a space where your unique perspective is not only welcomed, but amplified. That’s what our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide: safe and welcoming communities for our people to share their stories, mentor each other, and inspire new approaches and policies.

What is an ERG?

ERGs are employee-led initiatives that bring people with shared interests, experiences, or identities together. They aim to:

  • Foster a sense of community and belonging: ERGs allow those from underrepresented group to connect with others who share their experiences and perspectives.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion: The creation of ERGs is often rooted in diversity and inclusion initiatives. As such, ERGs advocate for fair treatment and equal opportunities for employees, while providing a space to discuss ways to dismantle barriers and promote inclusion
  • Drive positive change: ERGs provide a space to learn from different perspectives and uncover new ways to serve our communities better

Westcon-Comstor’s ERGs

At Westcon-Comstor, we have 10 ERGs across the business, focused on topics chosen by our employees. These topics are:

  • Equality
  • Inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Carers
  • The workplace
  • Sustainability

These groups meet regularly to share stories, provide mentorship, build policies, and more, reflecting a true sense of community within our workforce.

How do our ERGs make a meaningful impact?

We asked our ERG members to share examples of how their groups help to make a meaningful positive impact:

“The Inclusion ERG isn’t just a group – it's a force for positive change. We’re all about embracing different perspectives with respect to each other as our flag. We develop inspiring actions and activities that celebrate diversity. We become, in every meeting, a brainstorm of ideas and topics that promote a culture of learning from every individual. Together, we’re shaping a workplace where every voice matters, creating an inclusive environment that reflects the collective experiences.”  - Luis Ariza Ruis, Global Juniper Account Manager and Inclusion ERG member

“The Equality ERG is a catalyst for positive change. It advocates for underrepresented individuals, inspiring meaningful actions and creating a workplace that everyone can thrive and be heard in, thus propelling our organisation towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Through our efforts, non-bias training was approved and made mandatory across the business.” – Dulcie Chacko, Sales Operations Manager and Equality ERG member

“The Sustainability ERG helps cultivate an environment for change. Each meeting hosts a collective of people who have a passion to learn more and want to help others understand that even the tiniest part plays a massive impact. We run local incentives in offices to our global 'Green Room' series in which we get external source input on what Sustainability means to them and how they're planning for change.” – Stacey Smith, EMEA Trade Compliance Manager and Sustainability ERG member

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