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Partner tools for your every business need

What is PartnerCentral?

PartnerCentral is the central access page for our expanding suite of partner applications.

Key features

  • Single-sign-on authentication
  • Safely access PartnerCentral with your enterprise credentials
  • Identity and access management for additional security
  • Partner applications for every business need

Have a question?

Read the FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information.

Partner tools



Browse, buy, manage and expand your cloud sales on-demand with our dedicated platform.

Key features

  • Browse and buy cloud and software solutions online, anytime, anywhere
  • Track orders, manage subscriptions and aggregate billing in local currencies
  • Easy to use, customisable dashboard with full visibility into the customer lifecycle
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Browse, get a quote, place your order and track it quickly and conveniently.

Key features

  • Request, revise and convert quotes to order
  • Manage upcoming renewals and subscriptions
  • Track orders, check shipping status and request sales and shipping documents
  • Manage returns seamlessly
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Westcon-Comstor Learning

Westcon-Comstor Learning

Learn how to increase revenues, enhance customer experience and develop your skills and capabilities with our dedicated learning platform.

Key features

  • Over 700 learning objects
  • Over 2,000 technical instructor-led course dates in multiple different languages and time zones
  • Create personalised learning journeys to address skills and capability gaps
  • Variety of learning objects – instructor-led training, videos, online lab environments, audio files and pdfs
  • Increase revenue and margin by selling learning services to your customers
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Partner Insights

Partner Insights

Powerful data and analytics at your fingertips. Spot new opportunities in your existing customer base with our intuitive data and insights that help you easily grow your business. 

Key features

  • Spot upsell or expand opportunities within your customer base
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and reporting for full visibility into your transaction history with us
AWS Partner Portal

AWS Partner Portal

Get programmatic, technical, business and go-to-market support for selling AWS Cloud.

Key features

  • Register for training courses and events
  • Manage your orders online, on demand
  • Access marketing collateral, exclusive promotions and dedicated expertise
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Comstor Partner Portal

Comstor Partner Portal

Get instant access to all resources, tools and content you need to sell Cisco.

Key features

  • Exclusive access to Cisco promotions, events, and marketing collateral
  • Design SMB solutions with access to the small business hub and product configurator
  • Helpful tools and assets to grow your Cisco business
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What is PartnerCentral?

PartnerCentral is the central access page for Westcon-Comstor’s expanding suite of partner applications. 

Why should I use PartnerCentral?

With single-sign-on authentication and identity and access management services in place, PartnerCentral provides easy and secure access to the applications designed to help you grow and make your business a success. 

How do I access PartnerCentral?

Your log-in experience depends on your organisation’s technical set-up. There are three scenarios:

  1. If your organisation uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Westcon-Comstor’s Active Directory matches your existing enterprise credentials. This means that you can log into PartnerCentral with your enterprise email address and password. You will no longer use your previous credentials for any of our applications. 
  2. If your organisation uses an on-premise Active Directory which is not Microsoft Azure, you get redirected to your organisation’s sign-in page. After authenticating with your enterprise credentials, you then get redirected back to PartnerCentral. You will no longer use your previous credentials for any of our applications. 
  3. If your organisation doesn’t use an Active Directory, you receive an email with a one-time passcode on the account email address. Once you have entered the code to verify your user account, you can log into PartnerCentral. You would have to repeat this process for each new log-in.
Can I still access the Westcon-Comstor partner applications via the existing log-in pages?

Yes, however we recommend accessing via PartnerCentral, bringing you increased security and ease of access, and giving you access to new features as they become available.

Once you have accepted the invitation for PartnerCentral, you will have to use your PartnerCentral credentials to access any of our applications via their existing log-in pages. Your previous credentials will no longer be valid.

Will I be able to use other partner applications, accessible via PartnerCentral, that I am not currently using?

Each of the partner applications accessible via PartnerCentral requires an application-specific user account.

  • You can access the applications for which you have a user account via the ‘Open application’ button.
  • You can register for the applications that you do not have a user account for via the ‘Register’ button.
  • Applications that are not available in your geographical location are not visible.
I currently use two Westcon-Comstor partner applications. Why should I access these via PartnerCentral?

If you have user accounts on two or more of our applications, accessing via PartnerCentral will allow you to use both applications with the same set of credentials.

I share the log-in credentials for your applications with my colleagues. Can we use PartnerCentral to access the applications?

With single sign-on authorisation and access management services in place, each user will now be required to have an individual log-in to enable authentication.

This means you will need to register as an individual for a user account and once approved you will have full access to the requested application(s). 

Can I continue to use a consumer (eg Hotmail, Gmail) email address to access your applications?

With single sign-on authorisation and access management services in place, we highly recommend using an enterprise email address to log in.

  • For Gmail addresses, you will receive a one-time passcode each time you log in to PartnerCentral (log-in scenario 3).
  • For Hotmail or addresses, you will need to use the credentials associated with these accounts as these are Microsoft accounts and therefore can integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (log-in scenario 1).
I am having issues accessing PartnerCentral. What should I do?

Please click on the feedback box on the right-hand side of this page and select ‘Access support’ to send us a message. 

You can also click the ‘Need help?’ link in the Quick links section at the very top of the page.

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.