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Hands-free solutions for front-line connected workers

RealWear’s rugged remote collaboration headsets connect onsite field technicians to expert colleagues anywhere in the world for faster deployment, diagnosis and repair. 

Hardware for hard environments

With current workplace restrictions, engineering and industrial teams need a solution that keeps their technicians safe while working on site, with hands-free control, access to technical documents and multimedia, and remote connection to colleagues.

Even without the complexity of social distancing, in many settings workers can’t use their hands to navigate the data they need if they’re working at height, in restricted spaces or underneath machinery. And where workers must wear protective clothing or hazmat, a hands-free unit is the only option.

RealWear’s head-mounted tablet (HMT) is built for these situations. Designed to be worn with protective clothing such as hard hats and goggles, everything can be controlled by voice. And as it’s an Android device, it has the functionality of a tablet without the use of hands.

Key benefits


Eliminate downtime

First-time fixes on equipment can be reduced by up to 75% through collaboration


Reduce travel footprint

A single remote expert can assist multiple machines and facilities at once, without costly travel


Empower front line workers

By freeing a worker’s hands, you can give them instant access to the knowledge they need

Greater efficiency, cost savings and satisfaction

With RealWear, service providers and end users can keep to project schedules during the COVID crisis. But for many users, current travel restrictions and social distancing aren’t isolated challenges, and the disruption is an opportunity to improve efficiency and lower costs.

RealWear eliminates the need for multiple engineers to travel to customer premises, reducing the amount of time onsite and travel costs.

Typically, engineers who travel to a facility only need to be there half the time. By using Cisco Webex or MS Teams, teams no longer have to wait around all day for their specific task. They can continue their work from home and join a Teams meeting only when needed.

The resulting faster turnaround, reduced time on site and lower costs mean better job and customer satisfaction.

Full integration with Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Expert on Demand integration turns the HMT into a voice-activated remote collaboration headset to create a fully connected workforce.

Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex

Core functionality

Voice-activated controls enable the wearer to access all functions including viewing documents on the high-resolution micro-display, and contacting colleagues without taking their hands or attention off the machinery or equipment.

The headset camera can show what the technician sees, allowing real-time collaboration or mentoring. Those watching offsite get a front row view of exactly what the onsite worker is looking at, so they can share their expertise when needed. They can annotate, indicate where there are problems, and share PDFs and other documentation too.

Everyone is connected, whether they’re in New Malden or New York. The technology stays out of the way, allowing technicians to focus fully on the job in hand.

Industry-specific solutions

All front-line tasks can be made safer and more efficient with a connected worker solution. From the factory floor to the top of wind turbines, RealWear HMT headsets help workers stay productive and aware of the hazards around them.



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