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Corporate Social Responsibility

Westcon-Comstor Unites is an initiative undertaken by the Middle East employees to pursue the realisation for a better society by changing perspective, creating awareness, fostering care, showing responsibility and achieving a sense of satisfaction.

What does 'Westcon-Comstor Unites' mean to us?

Opportunity to fulfill the role as expected from a responsible organisation

Opportunity to fulfill responsibility as individuals by doing something for the less fortunate

Opportunity for team building – involving the team and their families

Forum to explore talents and pursue interests, through acting in plays, fund-raising etc

About our CSR activities

Over the years we have been active in doing our share to contribute to the society. We recognise that such initiatives are an integral part of our culture and hence have been actively involved in many activities.

These include visiting children with determination at Al Rashid Centre for Disabled, hygiene pack distribution at women's labour camp, toy donation drive for the children at Jalilah Children’s Specialty Hospital and distributing Iftar meals to Dubai Labor camps during the month of Ramadan.

What our people say

“Our daily routines keep us occupied to the extent that we rarely spare a thought for anything beyond work. Westcon-Comstor offers employees a platform to broaden their horizons and become active corporate citizens in our local communities and beyond. I'm grateful to be part of this team, where I can contribute to something meaningful that would be challenging to achieve alone. There are many exciting activities planned, and I'm thrilled to be involved.”

Neelam Mulchandani

Assistant Field Marketing Manager

“I love how making a positive social impact to the community gives me a feeling of true fulfillment. The team’s initiative to take responsibility for the company’s effect on environment and social aspect gave me an opportunity to work on projects that helps me attain the fulfillment I desire, which began by my initiation to collaborate with Rashid school, where our CSR team spent some quality time with the children making them feel inclusive, happy and loved.”

Nadir Ahmed

Commercial Market Lead Developer