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Comstor healthcare kits

Flexible, secure and productive healthcare solutions

The healthcare community is facing unprecedented new challenges and uncertainty, requiring professionals operating in this space to become more flexible and resilient. Through digital innovation and transformation, technology is the enabler for healthcare organisations that want to improve access to care and patient engagement, work more efficiently and maintain regulatory compliance, including protecting data across the organisation.

Technologies such as telehealth, virtual care and remote monitoring are becoming more mainstream, and healthcare institutions need to seamlessly and effectively implement crucial changes in their infrastructure to deliver the highest standards of care even in a remote environment.

Typical challenges facing your customers

“I need a secure and reliable device to be able to consult with colleagues on my patient’s health concerns.”

“We need to strengthen our network to safely manage and access patients’ personal data.”  

“We need to be able to host applications and store files securely in our data centre.”

“Most of our appointments now take place remotely, so we need to make sure privacy is protected at all times.”

“With so many people in the hospital we need to be able to avoid large gatherings of people and adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

“We are using more portable devices to connect with patients remotely: that requires an extra layer of protection against cybercrimes.”

How our healthcare kits can help solve these challenges

We have created kits specific to the different areas of the healthcare space, to help you support your customers as they remotely support their patients. Each kit includes Cisco’s award-winning solutions from all architectures, so you can present your customers with solutions that are best in class for reliability and security and are also designed to specifically address the needs for seamless collaboration and secure infrastructure in the healthcare ecosystem.

Get in touch today to learn more about our healthcare kits and how you can help your customers choose the Cisco solution that is right for them.

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