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Manage and customise guest Wi-Fi

AVSystem’s Linkyfi is a platform that allows businesses to profit from their hotspots by combining guest WiFi access management, WiFi marketing, and indoor location to improve the end users’ Wi-Fi experience. By collecting customer data (such as how many visitors you had, who they were or where they went) and using it in their powerful marketing engine, with Linkyfi you can easily move your guest Wi-Fi from the spending to the revenue column.

Key features

  • Gain customer insights
    The information you collect about your customers helps you improve performance and operations.
  • Advertise better
    Create additional promo streams, ads on login pages and personalised email marketing.
  • Increase your revenue
    Sell online advertising space to your tenants or upsell most popular locations based on traffic data.
  • Delight your customers
    Introduce customer-facing features such as indoor navigation in your venue to increase customer satisfaction.

Linkyfi – Wi-Fi marketing platform


Learn more about Linkyfi

Download AVSystem's product brochure to learn more about the Linkyfi platform.

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Social distancing and occupancy management

Discover new ways of managing occupancy and social distancing using Wi‑Fi.

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Value proposition leaflet

Find out how Linkyfi works and how it can benefit your particular vertical market.

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