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HyperFlex VDI

Stay safe and productive when working remotely with Cisco solutions

As more staff are working remotely, Cisco recognised the pressure this has put on customer IT resources and employees. Supporting the increase in remote workers while minimising disruption may require the addition or rapid expansion of existing infrastructure. To help, Cisco has released special HyperFlex (HX) pre-configured virtual desktop infrastrucute (VDI) bundles.

Popular bundles


Quick start 500-seat VDI

  • Three Cisco HyperFlex HXAF220‑‑M5SX all-flash nodes
  • One Cisco HyperFlex HX‑C220‑M5SX compute-only node
  • A pair of Cisco’s Fabric Interconnects
  • Preconfigured HXAF220‑M5SX and HX‑C220-M5SX expansion nodes, for 100 additional users, are also available for existing HyperFlex environments
  • A 180-day free trial of Cisco Intersight Essentials edition to help IT managing and monitoring anywhere, anytime

Knowledge Worker bundle


  • Medium-to-heavy use of Microsoft Office 
  • Light-to-medium use of web browsers and web video 
  • CPU and memory intensive applications


  • 100 / 150 / 200 user Knowledge Worker bundles on Cisco Hyperflex platform 

Power Worker bundle

  • Medium-to-heavy use of Microsoft Office 
  • Medium-to-heavy use of graphics-intensive applications 
  • Optimal resource allocation for high performance tasks


  • 50 / 100 user Power Worker bundles using Hyperflex with GPUs for graphics-intensive applications

Ramp up your remote working

Advantages of VDI

With VDI, data and application processes taking place centrally within the multi-cloud data centre, this has certain advantages over other remote-access solutions.

Additionaly, organisations will benefit from deploying VDI as part of an end-to-end cloud, web, and mobile application strategy that is optimised for digital workflows.

Data security

Even when the user's machine is compromised

Less bandwidth

Ideal for when sharing larger files or performing updates

Operational efficiency

Less troubleshooting of individual desktops

Better performance

Ideal for graphics-intensive applications

Cost savings

On user devices and thin clients

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