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Reinforced Zero Trust security offerings with Okta

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Okta to distribute their solution in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Okta’s vital security tool delivers identity-first Zero Trust security solutions to the channel in the remote work era.

Adding Okta’s platform to our Next Generation Solutions (NGS) reinforces our Zero Trust security proposition with one of the leading identity security providers. Okta’s zero-trust approach gives partners a vital tool in the fight against attackers, as businesses aim to move on from perimeter-based security practices.

Zero Trust is your next-level security strategy

‘Never trust, always verify’ is zero trust security. It’s become a must-have strategy for securing enterprise networks. At the core of this approach is identity – organisations need constant visibility over users and connected devices on their network.

The shift to more distributed workforces means securing countless devices, from countless locations. 47% of organisations plan to keep full-time remote working in place and identity-based cyber-attacks have become one of the number one threats.

Okta’s identity-first approach to zero trust security makes sure the right people have the right access to the right resources. Okta does this with a range of tools, including authentication and monitoring software, which easily integrates with other zero-trust solutions. Permissions are continuously reviewed and updated without disrupting users, ensuring frictionless and secure experiences.

What the experts think

Daniel Hurel, Vice President, Westcon Cyber Security and Next Gen Solutions, EMEA had this to say:

‘Identity-based attacks can be difficult for organisations to detect and prevent, due to their focus on exploiting individual employee behaviour and credentials, who may not be well versed in spotting cybersecurity threats. As organisations continue to operate over multiple devices and in cloud environments to support remote working, the network perimeter has vastly increased, which creates the difficult task to have visibility on all remote users.’

Giovanni Natalino, Head of Channel and Alliances EMEA at Okta added:

‘Okta’s identity-based security solution removes this complexity for network admins by integrating seamless solutions, such as multi-factor authentication. Bringing this service into Westcon-Comstor’s security portfolio gives our partners the tools they need to reduce the attacks on their customer’s employees and importantly, limit any disruption to user experience.’

‘As we look to expand our footprint in the Southern region, Westcon-Comstor became an obvious partner for us. As they leverage our top technologies such as Zscaler, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint and others, we are excited to be partnering with them. It makes Westcon the natural fit for us.’ 

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