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Donation is the latest contribution in the ongoing partnership between Westcon-Comstor and Rising Above the Storms

Westcon-Comstor donates $12,000 to support enterpreneurial young mothers and gifted children in Rwanda

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Westcon-Comstor is continuing its support for gifted children and teenage mothers in Rwanda with its largest donation yet to Rwanda-based NGO Rising Above the Storms (RAS).

The $12,000 contribution will cover the cost of education for two gifted children including the payment of school fees and the provision of basic materials and accommodation.

The funds will also be used to provide young mothers with access to occupational training and seed money to start their own business, enabling them to build financial independence and support their entrepreneurial dreams.


Watch this video to find out more.


About RAS

Since 2017, RAS has worked tirelessly to provide at-risk and orphaned youth between the ages of 10 and 18 with a chance at long-term success and stability through awareness, education, and empowerment.

Currently, RAS provides accommodation for 6 students at their learning centre in Kigali, Rwanda, and continues this support for vulnerable youth by covering their education, providing food supplies, and other financial, medical, and emotional support to over 80 students.

The partnership between RAS and Westcon-Comstor began in November 2021 and focuses on three areas: education, empowerment, and technology.

How we're supporting RAS

Previously, Westcon-Comstor has supported RAS in various ways including providing funding for a computer lab - named Comstor and Friends E-Lab – at the centre to introduce disadvantaged youth to technology in early life.

In addition to this, Westcon-Comstor also contributed towards the purchase of sanitary products, equivalent to one year’s supply.

The latest collaboration focuses on enabling and empowering young people to fulfil their potential.

RAS is a remarkable organisation and we are honoured to support the important work they are doing to bring about change in communities.

— Vincent Entonu
MD Westcon-Comstor Africa

"We are also thrilled to be extending our support to young mothers in the community by investing in their education, health, and career development. Together, we can empower these women to become nurturing leaders, builders, and change-makers in their communities." said Vincent Entonu, MD Westcon-Comstor Africa. 


We are profoundly grateful for the generous donation and continued support from Westcon-Comstor. The success of this partnership is a shining example of how compassion can make a tangible difference.

— Prof. Appoline K Bazubagira

"Thanks to Westcon-Comstor we are one step closer to achieving our goal of empowering people across communities, and we look forward to what the future holds for our two organisations." said Prof. Appoline K. Bazubagira, RAS. 

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