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Internet use policy

Updated on 9 February 2011

The Internet has greatly increased our ability to share information. This increase in connectivity had created newer risks to intellectual property rights and “brands” in general. As a result of new technology and the availability of information, there are more ways one may, either intentionally or not, infringe upon copyrighted material and trademarks.

Westcon Group, Inc. (“Westcon”) has published this Internet Use Policy for Westcon Copyrighted Materials and to ensure the sufficient protection of Westcon’s brands, content, logos, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted materials.

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Should you have further questions regarding the use of Westcon copyrighted materials and trademarks on the Internet, please contact for more information.

Without prior written consent from an authorized Westcon representative, you may NOT engage in the following activities with respect to Westcon’s copyrighted materials and trademarks:

  • Creating links that seemingly portraying work created by Westcon as work created a third-party. For purposes of this policy, “links” refers to any means by which separate website are connected, including but not limited to, hyperlinks or deeplinks.
  • Creating links that seemingly imply an affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship or any other association between Westcon and a third-party.
  • Creating links with the potential to defame, disparage, or otherwise damage Westcon’s reputation and/or the reputation of Westcon’s employees, partners, vendors, or related companies.
  • Creating a domain name that employs, incorporates, or otherwise references the name “Westcon” (or any other Westcon trademarks) as all or party of that domain name. For example, never create a domain name like
  • Creating frames on any Westcon website or content. For purposes of this policy, “frames” refers to linking methods by which users may view connected webpages through a frame created on an original webpage.
  • Creating new content that qualifies as a derivative work of Westcon copyrighted materials. For the purposes of this policy, “Derivative works” are “new” works based on modifications, embellishments, or the recasting of a pre-existing copyrighted work.
  • Creating or using Westcon trademarks on third-party websites. For example, you may never put the Westcon logo on your website without first receiving Westcon’s prior authorization.
  • Creating meta-tags to Westcon or any Westcon trademarks in any website. For purposes of this policy, “meta-tags” refer HTML insertions that optimize search engine requests.
  • Re-hosting Westcon webpages, applications, or content. For purposes of this policy, “re-hosting” refers to any activity with the effect of presenting a copy of a Westcon webpage on another server.


Both this policy and all other Westcon trademark and copyright policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.

This Policy document is not intended to serve as legal advice. Consult your attorney if you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties.