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RSA Conference Day 2: in full swing

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James Harrison

Marketing Consultant

“At the legendary Palace Hotel to meet Splunk, where Simon Davies and Robert Pizzari gave us great insights into their security strategy including the move to Splunk-as-a-Service.” Patrick Aronson

RSA Conference 2022 is now in full swing and our executive team will be walking the halls again today, catching up with channel partners and soaking up the atmosphere. “The energy at the conference is great and the city is buzzing, but there’s not enough hours in the day to see everything” says Patty Gray. “It’s great to have team Westcon-Comstor in San Francisco and the vendors really appreciate the time and effort we have made to be here.”

Twenty keynote speakers took the stage throughout Day 2 in front of packed session rooms throughout Moscone Center, but the real conversations that will impact our partners took place behind closed doors between our executive team and our vendors.

It was great to catch up with them all in person and deep dive into their objectives to see how we can support their strategic priorities.


“Great meeting with the Palo Alto Networks team – Dirk Venzlaff, Akila Ganapathy & Sal Maita – where we talked about aggregating Cybersecurity Services and their network security go-to-market.” Daniel Hurel
“Caught up with Infoblox’s Terry Flynn, VP of Sales, Strategy, Analytics and Operations and Scott Willock, Senior Director of Global Distribution, to see how we can take our relationship to the next level and stress the importance of automation.” Rene Klein
“Driving automation with our vendors can be slow and we often wonder if they fully understand our advanced digital capabilities. But at RSAC, our key vendors acknowledge the speed of industry transformation and have pledged a deeper commitment to accelerating joint automation plans to leverage our digital capabilities. They see us as a leader, and have pledged to make it a priority. Here we are with BJ Jenkins of Palo Alto Networks.” Patty Gray

Catching the best of the keynotes

Seasoned professionals from some of the leading technology brands including Google, Apple and LinkedIn convened for Privacy 2022: Perspectives from the Top to walk through the current legislative landscape, the risks that exist and are emerging, and the operational realities of managing privacy in a complex digital environment.

The Cryptographers’ Panel is always a crowd favourite and this year Zulfikar Ramzan, Chief Scientist and CEO of Aura Labs and a panel of industry experts explored the most pressing issues facing the industry. This wide-ranging discussion covered NFTs, the security challenges of cryptocurrency and blockchain, privacy, mobile as well as quantum computing, and machine learning. The panel was optimistic about the developments ahead and the potential benefits of increased dialogue between industry and policy makers.

In his keynote on What Matters Most, security technologist and Harvard lecturer, Bruce Schneier, explored the interplay between computers and humans and the implications of AI becoming iteratively better at finding vulnerabilities – and how these capabilities can be instructed to hack existing systems or equally damaging, inadvertently hack them in ways we did not anticipate and won’t accept.

To end Day 2, 16-time US Paralympic Gold Medallist, Jessica Long, reminded us that the only disability in life is a negative attitude in her keynote, The Power of a Positive Mindset. She also explored how to develop a tough mindset to withstand anything and how the power of positivity affects what you get out of life.

Looking forward to Day 3

We’ve got another busy schedule of vendor meetings – make sure you get the key takeaways first on Twitter. We’re also looking forward to a number of keynotes around our own strategic priorities and specialisations:


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