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Ruckus Cloudpath

Secure network access for any user on any device on any network

No matter where you are – schools, colleges, hotels or public venues – the first thing visitors ask is “How do I get on the Wi-Fi?” With the Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System you can provide secure guest access for all visitors on any device, without involving the IT helpdesk.

Secure network access

Cloudpath secures every connection with WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise, protecting data in transit between the device and the access point with powerful encryption. You gain visibility and control over which devices are on the network, and can define and manage policies so every user sees only the network resources they should see. Cloudpath checks the security posture of devices during onboarding to ensure they comply with your security policies. 

The system redirects users with non-compliant devices to remediate them before granting access. It associates every device with a user, and you can easily revoke access at any time. For example, when a BYOD user leaves the organisation.


Streamlined network onboarding

Intuitive self-service workflows streamline network onboarding – users gain network access simply and securely without involving the IT team. The software lets you deliver a great onboarding experience while dramatically reducing helpdesk tickets for network access. Internal users can easily provision any device for network access using their existing login. 

Cloudpath installs a digital certificate for network authentication so that, after the initial connection, users don’t need to re-enter credentials when they connect again. Guest users access a self-service login portal and receive credentials for internet access via email or SMS.


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Key benefits

Increases security for the network, devices, users and data

Streamlines network onboarding for BYOD users, guests and IT-owned devices

Gives you the power to define and manage policies for role-based access

Delivers visibility and control over what devices are on the network

Dramatically reduces helpdesk tickets related to network access

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