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Mobility with a difference

Spectralink leads the enterprise mobility market with the industry's most deployed wireless solution portfolio optimised for mission-critical applications across different industries. Now, directly integrate Spectralink DECT handsets and Microsoft Teams Phone for better communications across organisations. 

Partnering with Spectralink and Westcon gives you access to a team that embraces collaboration, thrives on innovation, and services more than 500 customers with over 3 million mobile devices shipped across the globe. 

Industries already benefitting from Spectralink and how they help them



Gives frontline workers secure access to the information they need – when they need it, letting them respond to critical situations without delay.



Make sure the right person has access to the right information, right when they need it. Wherever they’re working, they’ll respond safely and quickly. 



Everyone – from front of house to back of house – are in constant communication, delivering exceptional service for even more five-star ratings.



Better teams in motion mean happier customers. Shop floor to the warehouse get up-to-the-minute information to craft amazing customer experiences. 

What a partnership with us and Spectralink looks like:

  • Availability: we provide advanced stocking, staging facilities, and fast deliveries
  • Reach: we offer and deploy Spectralink solutions across the full EMEA region
  • Support: we provide high levels of vendor marketing and services support with dedicated teams
  • Solutions: Spectralink products can be integrated with our other vendor offerings, so you can bundle the best solutions for your customers

Working with us

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Spectralink offers integration with a wide range of platforms including:


Direct integration with Microsoft Teams

Introducing the direct integration between Spectralink DECT handsets and Microsoft Teams Phone. Now, companies will get all the collaboration tools of the cloud with the DECT phones they depend on and no third-party gateway.

  • Deliver enterprise-quality audio across your entire team
  • Accelerate your cloud migration with a single unified platform
  • Cut costs by retiring legacy PBXs and third-party gateways