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Westcon Mega Drive is an interactive, gamified sales event offering increased engagement in a competitive environment.

Ideal for customers, prospects and partners
Our events offer the chance to put the solutions through their paces in a safe, anonymous environment. Lasting between one and two hours, they are ideal for Cybersecurity users, Systems Engineers and those responsible for making technical comparisons before a purchase. Users will need some basic hands-on experience of any security tech and terminology.

No cost involved
All Westcon Mega Drive events are free of charge to our partner community and their prospects. That's a saving of up to $200 per person. 

Register now and win
This is a competitive event, so register now for your chance to win some fantastic prizes, including a retro Sega® Mega Drive™ games console.

Upcoming events

Your information
By registering, we may follow up to ask whether you are evaluating the solution as part of an upcoming purchase and if you require more information. Your contact data will not be sold or transferred to third parties but we may ask if you would like to be introduced to a specialist partner.