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Threat visibility and detection at machine speed

Unmatched threat visibility and accelerated detection

A growing number of public and private sector organisations are now using cyber threat intelligence. Recent research published by the Ponemon Institute revealed that 80% of organisations are using it and that an even higher percentage regard it as critical.

Anomali’s intelligence-driven security products provide unmatched threat visibility and accelerated detection, allowing customers to reduce the risk of security breaches and improve security team productivity.

Turnkey integrations with leading enterprise SIEMs, firewalls, EDRs and SOARs such as CrowdStrike, Sumo Logic, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Broadcom and Infoblox deliver fast time-to-value.

An intelligence-driven security suite

Anomali security solutions automate threat intelligence at scale, eliminating critical gaps in your threat defences.


Anomali ThreatStream

Operationalise your threat intelligence under a single platform to speed the detection of threats and enable proactive defence measures.

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Anomali Match

Automate the detection of threats in your network by continuously correlating all available threat intelligence against the entirety of your event logs.

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Anomali Lens

Access threat intelligence knowledge at your fingertips, identify new and known threats, and understand if you’ve been impacted – in seconds.

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