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Ribbon Analytics

See clearly, communicate confidently

Only 21% of IT leaders have implemented a full strategy to secure their voice and collaboration channels.*

It’s time to keep the bad actors out of your customers’ network with Ribbon Fraud and Analytics solutions from Ribbon Communications.

*Metrigy, 2021

How it works

Tired of selling network solutions with blind spots?

Ribbon Analytics is a game-changer that empowers your customers to see, optimise, and secure their communication networks like never before. You hold the key to unlocking a new era of data-driven network management for your customers.

The solution lets you respond to cyberattacks, fraud and network operational issues on your real-time communications (RTC) network efficiently and more intelligently.

It’s a virtualised Ribbon solution that quickly and easily integrates with your existing RTC network investments. It gathers information and then parses and analyses it for various RTC security breaches and service quality issues.

The Ribbon Analytics application portfolio helps your customers view end-to-end call flows, diagnose service quality issues and make automated security enforcement decisions based on quantitative RTC network information.

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Understanding the scale of the issue


Of the 1000 largest DDoS attacks in 2Q 2023 targeted telecommunications.1


million DDoS attacks in H1 2023 2


billion lost to telecom fraud in 2021.3


billion robocalls in August 2023.4

1.  Lumen - Quarterly DDoS & Application Report 2023
2. Netscout - 1H2023 DDoS Threat Intelligence Report
3. Communications Fraud Control Association 2021 Fraud Loss Survey
4. YouMail Robocall Index

How Ribbon Analytics key solutions help your customers avoid being a statistic


NetProtect identifies attacks and distributes threat intelligence policies across the communications network so the network-wide security aperture exposed by RTC traffic can be closed.

TDoS Protect

TDoSProtect uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect and mitigate attacks. Advanced policies are applied that siphon out unwanted, disruptive calls from networks.


FraudProtect baselines network calling patterns and spots patterns to anomalous places. Those known fraudulent or suspicious calls are flagged and terminated, mitigating expensive telecom charges.


RoboProtect uses advanced databases to quickly identify the source of robocalls and applies policies to the network to stop these calls before they disrupt your employees or customers.

Why you need to care

73.1% of all business interactions use voice

Metrigy report

20% of fraud reports received in 2022 started with a phone call

FTC report

22% of fraud reports came from text messages

FTC report

What Ribbon Analytics delivers for your customers:

  • Increased revenue: Drive growth by ensuring smooth communication and positive customer experiences.
  • Reduced costs: Minimise downtime and optimise network resources for cost-efficiency.
  • Enhanced security: Proactively protect data and mitigate potential threats.
  • Improved competitive edge: Gain a data-driven advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

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